International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)

The Eleventh Symposium on Life Information Science

DATE: February 23-24, 2001
PLACE: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo


Research Report / Special Lecture / Discussion

Chairperson Mikio YAMAMOTO, ISLIS President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences

    February 23 (Friday)

    8:30- Registration

    9:00- Opening Remarks

    Mikio YAMAMOTO, ISLIS President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences

    Chairpersons Kimiko KAWANO, Nippon Medical School
    Tsuneo WATANABE,  Toho University


  1. Report on The Trans-disciplinary Forum
    "Science and Technology Involved in Mind and Sprit"
    Mikio YAMAMOTO
    ISLIS President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences


  2. A Study on the Relationship between α-waves and Business Performance (Part III)
    -Analyses of changes of AMI values before and after α-wave training-
    Akiyoshi OSHIMA
    WORD Laboratories Inc.


  3. Measurement of Relaxing Effects from a Visit to the Beach
    Takayuki MIYAMOTO1, Minoru SHIGEEDA1, Shigeru SUGIYAMA1,
    Akiyoshi OSHIMA2 and Miyoko TOGASHI2
    1River Division, Construction Department, Yamaguchi Prefectural Government,
    2WORD Laboratories Inc.


  4. Change in Intellectual and Physiological Functions of 832 Persons
    Who Learned Kurita's Speed Reading System for Two Days
    Masahiro KURITA
    Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo


  5. Effect of Light Exercise on the Elderly with Dementia
    Keiko TATSUMI1, Yoshinori ADACHI2 , Manabu ASHIKAGA1
    Yoshitake YOKOTA1 and Kazuko HARIMOTO1
    1Aino Gakuin College,
    2Chubu University


  6. Physiology Effects When Wearing AP Fiber Cloth Containing
    Special Tourmaline Crystal Powder
    Yoshio MACHI
    Department of Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Denki University

    11:05-11:15 Discussion

    11:15-11:30 Introduction of ISLIS Advisors

    11:30-13:00 Lunch Time

    (11:30-12:40 Advisors' and Trustees' Meeting with officers 12:40-12:50 Directors' Meeting)

    Chairpersons Yoshihiro UEDA,Kansai College of Oriental Medicine
    Masahiro KURITA, Tokyo University


  7. 2D Cooled CCD Imaging of Delayed Luminescence
    National Institute of Radiological Sciences


  8. Quantitative Evaluations of Health Promotion Methods Using Peripheral Blood Flow(2)
    Shigenori SHIROUZU1, Eiko SHIROUZU2, Catherine W.MURPHY3,
    Hisanobu SUGANO1 and Yasunobu NOTO3
    1MOA Health Science Foundation,
    2Fukuoka Prefecture Midwives' Association,
    31868 Brookview Rd, Castleton, NY, U.S.A.,
    4Computer Convenience Co.Ltd.


  9. Change of Blood Oxygen Concentration, Electric Impedence of Skin
    and Pulse Wave Fractal Dimension by Different Kinds of Breathing

    Yoshinori ADACHI1 and Takashi AOKI2,
    1College of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University
    2College of Engineering, Chubu University


  10. The Physiological Effect of Controlled Respiration and the Meaning of
    Respiration Method in Qigong Therapy

    Chao LIU and Yoshio MACHI
    Department of Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Denki University


  11. The Physiological Study of Ki in Ki Aikido(1)
  12. Yoshio MACHI1, Chao LIU1, Koichi TOHEI2, Toshiaki ISHIZAKI2,
    Tsutomu HAMAOKA2, Setsuo KODATO2
    1Department of Electronic Engineering, Tokyo Denki University,
    2KI Development Institute

    14:50-15:00 Discussion

    15:00-15:10 Intermission

    Chairpersons Takashi AOKI, Chubu University
    Masatoshi ITOH, Tohoku University


  13. Experiment on the Influence of Magnetic Fields on Ice Crystals

    Mignon PARK1, Chang-Hoon LEE1,Sangun PARK2,
    Sungphil KWON2 and Woncheol CHOI2,3
    1Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Eng., Yonsei University,
    2Kwanghyewon, Oriental Medical Hospital,
    3RAMS (Russia Academy of Medical Science)
  14. 15:40-

  15. Biological Function in Terms of the Therapeutic Effect of Microwave Resonance Therapy
    Satoshi AYUZAWA1,Hideyuki SAITO2,Heiichi YANO3,
    Takao ENOMOTO4 and Tadao NOSE4
    1Dept. of Neurosurgery, Tsukuba Memorial Hospital,
    2Dept. of Rehabilitation, Tsukuba Memorial Hospital,
    3Dept. of Internal Medicine, Kashiwa Hospital, Jikei University School of Medicine,
    4Dept. of Neurosurgery, Institute of Clinical Medicine, University of Tsukuba
  16. 16:00-

  17. An Experiment on Cerebral Activity during Visual Imagery(II)
    Tong ZHANG1,2, Hideaki SAKAIDA3, Kimiko KAWANO4,1
    Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2, Liqun WANG3, Mikio YAMAMOTO1 and Yoshio MACHI
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Futurre Technology,
    3Tokyo Denki University,
    4Nippon Medical School
  18. 16:20-

  19. Are "Meridian Points" and "Meridians and Collaterals" Memorized in the Brain?
    Yoshihiro UEDA1, Kyoichi KUROIWA1, Hideyuki ZENJYU1,Tayo KATANO1
    Hitoshi KASHIBA1, Toshio YANAGIDA2, Yuri KITAMURA2, Yoshitetsu OSHIRO2
    Yasuhiro TOKIMOTO3 and Yoshio MACHI4
    1Kansai College of Oriental Medicine,
    2Dept. of Physiology and Medical Biosignaling, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine,
    3Dept. of Radiology, Ishikawa Hospital,
    4Tokyo Denki University
  20. 16:40-16:50 Discussion

    16:50-17:00 Intermission


  21. [Special Lecture 1] Chairperson Yuzo HIGUCHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Psychoneuroimmunology: A Dialogue between the Brain and Immune System
    Shigenobu KANBA
    Professor, Department of Neuropsychiatry, Yamanashi Medical University

    17:40-18:10 Discussion

  22. 18:20-21:00 Banquet

    February 24 (Saturday)

    Chairperson Mikio YAMAMOTO, ISLIS President
    National Institute of Radiological Sciences

    8:30- Registration
    Chairperson Mignon PARK, Yonsei University


  23. Report of European Activities-Institutes Related to Human Potential in the UK,
    Netherlands and Germany and the Fifth European Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration-
    Mikio YAMAMOTO1, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2 Kimiko KAWANO3 and Mami KIDO4
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology,
    3Nippon Medical School,
    4Tohoku Gakuin University,
  24. 9:40-9:50 Discussion
    Chairpersons Hisanobu SUGANO, MOA Health Science Foundation
    Katsushi YOSHIDA, Chubu University


  25. Measurements of Hand Temperature and Physiology during Qi-Emission Imaging
    Masataka TANAKA1,2, Hirotaka NAKAMURA1,2, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2,
    Weizhong CHEN1,2, Tong ZHANG1,2,Takao SOMA3,1 and Mikio YAMAMOTO1
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology,
    3Tokyo Metropolitan College


  26. Skin Surface Temperature Changes of the Human Hand by Concentration
    Hirotaka NAKAMURA1,2, Suzue HARAGUCHI1,2, Weizhong CHEN1,2,
    Masataka TANAKA1,2, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2, Tong ZHANG1,2, Tomoko KOKADO1
    Kimiko KAWANO3,1, Takao SOMA4,1 and Mikio YAMAMOTO1
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology,
    3Nippon Medical School,
    4Tokyo Metropolitan College
  27. 10:25-

  28. Effects of EQR Irradiation on Forced Swimming in Mice
    Katsushi YOSHIDA1, Takashi AOKI2, Yoshinori ADACHI3 and Yasuo YOSHIHUKU4
    1,2College of Engineering, Chubu University,
    3College of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University,
    4High-Tech Research Center, Chubu University
  29. 10:40-10:50 Discussion


    [Special Lecture 2]Chairperson     Kazuhiko ATSUMI
    Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine (JACT)
    Welcome to the New Century for Life Information
    Yoichiro SAKO
    Home Network Company, Sony Corporation
  31. 11:30-11:40 Discussion

    11:40-12:40 Lunch time (11:40-12:30 Society Member's Meeting)

    [Mini Symposium]

    Chairpersons Carl BECKER, Kyoto Universtiy
    Masayuki HIRAFUJI, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries


  32. External Qigong
    Yoshio MACHI
    Tokyo Denki University
  33. 13:00-

  34. Is There Anything in External Qigong Other Than Placebo Effects?
    Mikio YAMAMOTO
    National Institute of Radiological Sciences
  35. 13:20-13:30 Discussion


  36. Skin Temperature Changes of Receiver's Hand in Remoto Action Experiment
    Weizhong CHEN1,2, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2, Hirotaka NAKAMURA1,2
    Masataka TANAKA1,2, Suzue HARAGUCHI1,2, Tong ZHANG1,2, Tomoko KOKADO1
    Mikio YAMAMOTO1, Kimiko KAWANO3,1, and Takao SOMA4,1
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology,
    3Nippon Medical School,
    4Tokyo Metropolitan College
  37. 13:50-

  38. Quantitative Analysis of Physiological Reactions to Receivers by Wai Qi
    Zaiwen SHEN, Tomoko ITOH and Masami ASAYAMA
    Dept. of Health Sciences, Chukyo Women's University
  39. 14:10-14:20 Intermission


  40. Measurements of Biophysical and Mental Effects due to Remote Qi Healing
    Mami KIDO1 and Tadashi SATO2
    1Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tohoku-Gakuin University,
    2Sato Qigong Center
  41. 14:35-

  42. EEG Changes of Qigong Masters and Their Receivers in Remote Qi Emission
    Kimiko KAWANO1, Yuzo HIGUCHI2 and Yasunori KOTANI2
    1Center for Informatics and Sciences, Nippon Medical School,
    2Tokyo Institute of Technology
  43. 14:55-

  44. Endoctrine Responses during Remote Qi Emission
    Yuzo HIGUCHI1, Kimiko KAWANO2, Yasunori KOTANI1, Yoshitsugu HAYASHI3,
    Hironobu HIGUCHI4, Tadashi SATO5 and Shinichiro MOMOSE6
    1Tokyo Institute of Technology,
    2Nippon Medical School,
    3Musashino Treatment Center,
    4College of Tohoku Medical Technology,
    5Sato Qigong Center,
    6Momose Clinic
  45. 15:15-15:55 Discussion

    Introduction of the Next Symposium
    Yoshio MACHI
    Chairperson of Organization Committee of the Twelfth Symposium,
    ISLIS Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tokyo Denki University
    Closing Remarks
    Yuzo HIGUCHI
    Chairperson of Organization Committee of the Eleventh Symposium,
    ISLIS Managing Director, Tokyo Institute of Technology


    Chairperson     Yuzo HIGUCHI, Tokyo Institute of Technology

    Demonstration by a Qigong Master
    Hidy HIRAOKA, HIDI Corporation

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