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Last Modified: October 8, 2003
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YAMAMOTO Bio-Emission Laboratory (Former name is Medical Imaging Laboratory)
National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS), Japan

9-1, Anagawa-4, Inage-ku, Chiba-shi 263-8555 JAPAN
Phone: +81-43-206-3066
Fax: +81-43-206-3069

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Project Activity

We begin a new research program which relates to anomalous somatic functions, based on a budget from Science and Technology Agency of Japan.
5-Year-Project of Science and Technology Agency of Japan
We worked on the 5-year-project "Study on analyzing methods of human body functions using various simultaneous measurements" (see figure VSM Image) awarded a budget from Science and Technology Agency of Japan since September 1995, in National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Science and Technology Agency, Japan.
Research communication between Japan and China was started in 1996. Members of our laboratory and others visited China for research communication on qigong and anomalous somatic functions.
Somatic Science Research at Yunnan University in China


YAMAMOTO Mikio, Ph.D, Ph.D. profile / e-mail


October 8, 2003
KOKUBO Hideyuki Research Staff profile / e-mail
CHEN Weizhong Research Staff, Graduate Student of Chiba University
YOICHI Hideo Research Staff
ZHANG Tong Research Staff
BABA Masako Research Staff
SUGA Haruko Research Staff
YODA Atsuko Research Staff
FUKUDA Nobuo Honorary Scientist
MACHI Yoshio Collaborator / Professor, Tokyo Denki University
KAWANO Kimiko Collaborator / Nippon Medical School e-mail

Winter Seminar 1998

Somatic Science Research at Yunnan University in China


The First Program: Japan-China Joint Communication "Anomalous Somatic Functions"
YAMAMOTO Mikio, KAWANO Kimiko and MACHI Yoshio

The Second Program: Somatic Science Research at Yunnan University
LUO Xin and ZHU Nianling
RIU Chao (Translator)
16:10 Discussion
17:00 Reception

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