Notice for Speakers of Human PSI Forum

Program Committee of Human PSI Forum

MAY 17th, 2002

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Dear Speakers of Presentations for Human PSI Forum:

  1. Please read the Down Load Files and make a manuscript of your presentation.
  2. Please send your manuscript with your registration form and others to the Form Office by the deadline.
  3. Please pay your registration fees to the Forum Office by the deadline.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

CategoryPresentation TimeManuscript
Oral20 minutes (including discussion)Written in English.
2-10 pages.
PosterPoster & Oral 3-5 minutes using OHP (without discussion)Written in English.
1-2 pages.

Down Load Files
Descriptions regarding Oral and Poster Presentations
Revised on May 10th, 2002
Registration FormPDF fileMS-WordHTML
Author's ManualPDF fileMS-WordHTML
Sample Format for Oral PresentationPDF file
Sample Format for Poster PresentationPDF file
Author's Information
Revised on May 10th, 2002
Price List for Color Printing and OffprintPDF fileMS-WordHTML