International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)

The Tenth Symposium on Life Information Science

DATE: August 26-27, 2000
PLACE: Tokyo Denki University, Tokyo


Research Report / Special Lecture / Discussion

Chairperson Mikio YAMAMOTO, ISLIS President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences

    August 26 (Saturday)

    9:00- Registration

    9:30- Opening Remarks

    Mikio YAMAMOTO, ISLIS President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences
    Chairpersons Kazuo NITTA, MOA Health Science Foundation
    Yoichiro SAKO, Sony Corporation


  1. The Effects of Wai Qi on Rats under Stress Based on Urinary Excretion Measurements of Catecholamines
    Tomoko ITOH1, Zaiwen SHEN1, Yasuhiro ITOH2, Akira TAMURA1 and Masami ASAYAMA1
    1Chukyo Women's University,
    2School of Health Science, Fujita Health University


  2. Immune Changes during Cosmic Orbit Meditation of Qigong
    Yuzo HIGUCHI1, Yasunori KOTANI1, Hironobu HIGUCHI2, Yukiko MINEGISHI3,Yukio TANAKA4, Yong Chang YU5 and Shinichiro MOMOSE6
    1Tokyo Institute of Technology,
    2College of Medical Sciences, Tohoku University,
    3Jichi Medical School, School of Nursing,
    4Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology,
    5International Qigong Association,
    6Momose Hospital


  3. Effects of Qigong on the Concentration of Free Radicals in Blood
    Mignon PARK1, Youngho PARK1, Sukyun CHANG1, Changhoon LEE1 and Jin XIANGKUI2
    1Yonsei University,
    2Jilin University


  4. [Lecture by ISLIS President] Chairperson Yoshio MACHI, Tokyo Denki University

    Promotion of "Human Potential Science"
    Mikio YAMAMOTO
    ISLIS President, National Institute of Radiological Sciences

    11:30-11:40 Introduction of ISLIS Advisors

    11:40-13:00 Lunch Time
    11:45-12:40 Advisors' and Trustees' Meeting (with Officers),
    12:40-12:50 Directors' Meeting
    Chairpersons Yoshihiro UEDA, Kansai College of Oriental Medicine
    Mami KIDO, Tohoku Gakuin University


  5. Power Spectral Analysis of R-R Interval Variability during Zazen
    Yukiko MINEGISHI1, Tsuyoshi WATANABE2 and Yuzo HIGUCHI3
    1Jichi Medical School, School of Nursing
    2Kokushikan University,
    3Tokyo Institute of Technology


  6. Physiological Measurements during Qigong Training (II)
    Masataka TANAKA1,2, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2, Tomoko KOKADO1, Mikio YAMAMOTO1, Kimiko KAWANO3,1 and Takao SOMA4, 1
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology,
    3Nippon Medical School,
    4Tokyo Metropolitan College


  7. EEG Alpha Waves of a Receiver in a Remote Action Experiment
    Kimiko KAWANO1,2, Mikio YAMAMOTO2, Hideyuki KOKUBO2,3, Masataka TANAKA2,3, Tong ZHANG2,3, Dmitri V. PARKHOMTCHOUK2, Tomoko KOKADO2, Hirotaka NAKAMURA2,3 and Takao SOMA4, 1
    1Nippon Medical School,
    2National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    3The Institute for Future Technology,
    4Tokyo Metropolitan College

    14:15-14:30 Intermission

    Chairpersons Tokuro NOBECHI, Former Director, St. Luke's International Hospital
    Masatoshi ITOH, Tohoku University


  8. An Experiment on the Cerebral Activity during Visual Imagery
    Tong ZHANG1,2, Hideaki SAKAIDA3, Kimiko KAWANO1,4, Mikio YAMAMOTO1 and Yoshio MACHI3
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology,
    3Tokyo Denki University,
    4Nippon Medical School


  9. The Study of Meditation and Image Evocation Using Functional MRI

    Yoshihiro UEDA1, Kyoichi KUROIWA1, Hideyuki ZENJYU1, Tayo KATANO1, Setsuko KAME1, Hitoshi KASHIBA1, Toshio YANAGIDA2, Yuri KITAMURA2, Yoshitetsu OSHIRO2, Yasuhiro TOKIMOTO3 and Tamotsu NOMURA3
    1Kansai College of Oriental Medicine,
    2Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine,
    3Ishikawa Hospital

    15:20-15:35 Intermission

    Chairpersons Humio INABA, Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University
    Takashi AOKI, Chubu University


  10. Super-Delayed Luminescense from Biological Tissues
    National Institute of Radiological Sciences


  11. Biophoton and Temperature Changes of Human Hand during Qigong
  12. Hirotaka NAKAMURA1,2, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,2, Dmitri V. PARKHOMTCHOUK1, Wheizhong CHEN1,2, Masataka TANAKA1,2, Tong ZHANG1,2, Tomoko KOKADO1, Mikio YAMAMOTO1 and Nobuo FUKUDA1
    1National Institute of Radiological Sciences,
    2The Institute for Future Technology


  13. Sustaining Faculty of Living Functions and Its Biophoton Observation

    Tsutomu YANAGAWA, Hiroyuki SAKAGUCHI, Masahiro UENO and Kazuo NITTA
    Life Science Labs., MOA Health Science Foundation


  14. [Special Lecture 1] Chairperson Mikio YAMAMOTO, National Institute of Radiological Sciences

    Measurement of Biophoton from Human Body
    Humio INABA, Professor Emeritus, Tohoku University

    18:00-19:30 Banquet

    August 27 (Sunday)

    8:30- Registration
    Chairpersons HIGUCHI,Tokyo Institute of Technology
    Hideyuki KOKUBO, National Institute of Radiological Sciences


  15. Quantitative Evaluations of Health Promotion Methods Using Peripheral Blood Flow (1)
    Shigenori SHIROUZU1, Hisanobu SUGANO1 and Yasunori NOTO2
    1MOA Health Science Foundation,
    2ICE (Institute of Chaos Engineering) Inc.


  16. Comparison of Equivalent Admittance on the Palms Before and After
    Exercise or Meditation
    Shoji SUZUKI1, Kazuhide UESUGI1, Yayoi NAKABAYASHI1, Yoshinori ADACHI2 and Yasukazu SEIKI1
    1Kumamoto National College of Technology,
    2Chubu University

    9:55-10:10 Intermission
    Chairpersons Kiminori ITOH, Yokohama National University
    Masahiro KURITA, University of Tokyo


  17. Effects of EQR Irradiation on Physical Stamina, Tumor and Inflammation for Disease Models in Mice and Rats
    Takashi AOKI1, Susumu ARAHATA2, Hideyuki SHINNABE2, Tomohiko HASEGAWA3 and Mineo KUNIHARA3
    1Chubu University,
    2Nippon Sigmax Co., Ltd.,
    3Nippon Experimental Medical Research Institute Co., Ltd.


  18. Study of Pulse Wave Change for Different Kinds of Breathing
    Yoshinori ADACHI1 and Takashi AOKI2
    1College of Business Administration and Information Science, Chubu University,
    2College of Engineering, Chubu University


  19. [Special Lecture 2]ChairpersonTakao MORI, Nippon Medical School 

    Dissociative Disorder

    Minshuku KOH, Yoshiko NISHIMATSU and Shunkichi ENDO
    Nippon Medical School

    12:05-13:05 Lunch Time

    12:05-12:55 Society Members' Meeting
    Chairpersons Hisanobu SUGANO, MOA Health Science Foundation
    Kimiko KAWANO, Nippon Medical School


  20. Physiological Measurements for Reflexology Foot Massage
    Yoshio MACHI1, Chao LIU1 and Maki FUJITA2
    1Tokyo Denki University,
    2Japan Reflexology Association, Maki Fujita Reflexology School 


  21. The Physiological Differences of One Qi Gong Master's
    Nei Gong, Dong Gong and Wai Qi ( Healing with Qi ) 
    Chao LIU1, Yoshio MACHI1 and Yong-Xiang ZHANG2
    1Tokyo Denki University
    2The Chinese School of Qi Master


  22. Imaging Findings of the Brain After Performing Yoga: A PET Study
    Laxmi Narayan SINGH, Masatoshi ENDO, Keiichiro YAMAGUCHI, Masayasu MIYAKE,
    Shoichi WATANUKI, Myeong Gi JEONG and Masatoshi ITOH 
    Division of Nuclear Medicine, Cyclotron Radioisotope Center, Tohoku University 

    14:30-14:45 Intermission
    Chairpersons Tsuneo WATANABE, Toho University
    Masayuki HIRAFUJI, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry


  23. A Study on the Relationships between Alpha-waves and Business Performance ( Part II )
    -- Focusing on the possibility of a good cycle of the appearance of Alpha-waves and good business performance --
    Akiyoshi OSHIMA
    WORD Laboratories Inc. 


  24. Analysis of Intellectual Resonance (or Synchronization) Using a Card Game (8)
    Spatially Asymmetrical Property of Interactions
    Masahiro KURITA
    Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tokyo

    15:40-16:15 Discussion

    16:15- Introduction of the Next Symposium

    Yuzo HIGUCHI
    Chairperson of Organization Committee ofthe Eleventh Symposium,
    ISLIS Managing Director, Tokyo Institute of Technology

    16:20- Closing Remarks

    Yoshio MACHI
    Chairperson of Organization Committee ofthe Tenth Symposium,
    ISLIS Chairman of the Board of Directors, Tokyo Denki University

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