International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)

Journal of International Society of
Life Information Science

Vol.14, No.1, September 1996
ISSN 1341-9226



Page 1
What We Expect to the International Society of Life Information Science Humio INABA, ISLIS Advisor

Page 2
Profile of ISLIS Advisor (continue to the next issue) Humio INABA


Page 3
Founding Prospectus of the Society

Page 4
Advisors and Officers of the Society

Page 7
Paradigm Shift towards 21th Century Yoshio MACHI, ISLIS President

Page 8
Profile of ISLIS Officers
Yoshio MACHI, President

Page 9
Profile of ISLIS Officers
Kimiko KAWANO, Vice President

Page 10
Profile of ISLIS Officers
Mikio YAMAMOTO, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Editor-in-Chief

Page 11
Profile of ISLIS Officers (continue to the next issue)
Kenneth M. SANCIER, Director, California Information Center, Editor

[Review Article]

Page 12
Anti-Aging Benefits of Qi-gong Kenneth M. SANCIER

[Original Research Papers]

Page 22
The Frequency Change in ÉŅWaves and the Appearance of É∆Waves during Qigong and Meditation Kimiko KAWANO, J.M.SHI and L.Y.DUAN

Page 32
An Experiment on Unknown Subconscious Information Transfer with Auditory Brain Evoked Potential Masahiko HIRASAWA and Mikio YAMAMOTO

The First Symposium on Life Information Science

March 9, 1996 ,Tokyo Denki University,Tokyo

Page 38


Page 43
An Experiment on Extrasensory Information Transfer with Electroencephalogram Measurement Masahiko HIRASAWA, Mikio YAMAMOTO, Kimiko KAWANO and Akira FURUKAWA

Page 49
Evaluation of the Effects of External Stimulations on the Human Body : Analyses Based on the Square Wave Voltage Responses Kiminori ITOH

Page 56
The Effects of Healing on the Continuous Response to the Rectangular Pulse Cu rrent Measured at the Various Acupoints (1) Itsuo KURAMOTO, Seiya UCHIDA, Yasutami TSUDA, Hisanobu SUGANO

Page 63
Physiological Measurements under Qi-gong Anesthesia Yoshio MACHI and CHU Wei Zhong

Page 76
(Special Lecture)
Imaging of Mind using Positron Emission Tomography Masatoshi ITOH, Hiroshi MIYAZAKI and Yasuo TAKAHASHI

Page 86
A Case of Examination in PK/ESP Ability Mami KIDO

Page 91
The Function of the Brain using EEGs during Induced Meditation Kimiko KAWANO and Kouhei N. KUSHITA

Page 97
An Experiment on Remote Action against Man in Sense Shielding Condition Mikio YAMAMOTO, Masahiko HIRASAWA, Kimiko KAWANO, Nakahiro YASUDA and Akira FURU KAWA

Page 102
(Special Lecture)
Evaluation of Therapeutic External Qi-gong from a Viewpoint of the Western Me dicine Tetsuzo AGISHI


Page 107
The Charter of the Society

Page 109
Regulations and Rules

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