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Vol.20, No.2, September 2002
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[ Main Topics ]

Human PSI Forum "Human Potential Science" International Forum
- Physical and Physiological Approach - 

joint with
"Mystery of Mind and Body" International Forum
and The Fourteenth Symposium on Life Information Science (International Version)
22-27 August 2002, OVTA, Makuhari, Chiba (near Tokyo), Japan

P. 270
"Human Potential Science" International Forum (Opening Address)                    
               Human PSI Forum Coordinator     Mikio YAMAMOTO                 

P. 274
Human PSI Forum                                                                                      

P. 276
Committees of Human PSI Forum                                                                                                                                           

P. 278
Founding Prospectus of International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)                                                                         

P. 280
Advisors and Support Members of ISLIS

P. 281
Officers and Trustees of ISLIS     

P. 284
International Research Institute (IRI), Founding Prospectus                                             

P. 285
Officers and Promotion Committee of IRI   

P. 288

[ Proceedings ] Without Peer Review
P. 303
< Keynote Lecture >
Integrative Medicine - Towards the 21st Century -                        
             Kazuhiko ATSUMI

P. 304
< Keynote Lecture >
Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Using Ichiro's Batting as an Analogy
             Ryoichi OBITSU

P. 310
< Invited Special Lecture >
Mind/Body Relationship in Total Healing                                      
             Sae-il CHUN

P. 316
< Invited Special Video Lecture >
Mental and Spiritual Healing: A Critical Review of the Science
             Wayne B. JONAS, Cindy CRAWFORD and Ronald A. CHEZ

P. 317
< Keynote Lecture >
  Are There Any Effects Other Than Suggestion in External Qi  
             Mikio YAMAMOTO

P. 343
< Keynote Lecture >
New Paradigm for the 21st Century                                                       
              Yoichiro SAKO

P. 345
< Keynote Lecture >
Physiological Analysis for Consciousness Power
                                    (Non-visible Recognition and Pill Moving through Glass Bottle without any Physical Touch)

              Yoshio MACHI, Chao LIU, Chang WANG and Bin WANG

P. 373
< Invited Special Lecture >
The Koestler Parapsychology Unit Research Programme and the Study of Consciousness  
              Robert L. MORRIS                

P. 379
< Invited Special Lecture >
The Present Conditions and the Prospects of Somatic Research in China
               Lanxu XU

P. 380
< Invited Special Presentation >
A fMRI Brain Imaging Study of Presentiment
               Dick J. BIERMAN & H.S. SCHOLTE

P. 389
Physiological Study of Ki in Kiatsu Rhoho - Difference between a Ki master and a not well-trained master -

               Yoshio MACHI, Chao LIU, Koichi TOHEI, Toshiaki ISHIZAKI, Tsutomu HAMAOKA and Setsuo KODATO

P. 392
Investigations on Influences of Vibrations to Organs -Time Series Analyses of Waveforms Obtained and Pulse Diagnosis-

               Noriyasu MASUMOTO, Kiichi TSUCHIYA, Hiroshi YAMAKAWA and Mitsuo UMEZU

P. 396
Acute Effects of ChunDoSunBup Qi-training on Venous Blood Gases and pH

                Myeong Soo LEE, Seong Min JEONG, Hye-Sook JANG, Hoon RYU and Sun-Rock MOON

P. 398
Effects of ChunDoSunBup Qi-training on Metabolic Rate and Cardiorespiratory Responses

                Myeong Soo LEE, Seong Min JEONG, Hye-Sook JANG, Hoon RYU and Sun-Rock MOON

P. 400
Comparison of the Effectiveness That Shiatsu Massage of Cervico-brachial Area Has on Psychosomatic Relaxation Where Qi Is Applied and Where It Is Not

                 Akira FUKUOKA, Eriko UEDA, Hiroshi FUKUOKA and Yuko KOYAMA

P. 406
Comparison of the Effectiveness of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) and Transcutaneous Electrical Acupuncture-point Stimulation (TEAS) on Muscular Relaxation and Psychosomatic Relaxation in a Dental Clinical

                 Yuko KOYAMA, Eriko UEDA, Hiroshi FUKUOKA and Akira FUKUOKA

P. 412
Usefulness of Shiatsu Massage on Cervico-brachial Area and Transcutaneous Electrical Acupuncture-point Stimulation (TEAS) in Dental Treatment

                 Eriko UEDA, Hiroshi FUKUOKA, Yuko KOYAMA and Akira FUKUOKA

P. 417
Evaluation and Selection of Dental Materials Using the Magnetic Inspired Resonance Spectrum (MIRS)

                 Hiroshi FUKUOKA, Eriko UEDA, Yuko KOYAMA, Akira FUKUOKA, Akio NORO and Kazuyu TAKAHASHI

P. 422
The Growth of Labial-Closure-Strength in Youths

                 Junichi TAKAHASHI, Akio NORO, Yoshiaki AKIHIRO and Kazuyu TAKAHASHI

P. 426
The Chronological Changes of Labial-Closure-Strength in Adults

                 Akio NORO, Junichi TAKAHASHI, Yoshiaki AKIHIRO and Kazuyu TAKAHASHI

P. 430
TMJ as a Meridian Pump in Oriental Medicine       
                 Saburo MIYAGI

P. 434
An Experiment on Meridian Effect using Minute Light Radiation     
                 Hiroo INDOU and Takeo OKU

P. 439
Effect of Acupuncture Stimulation on Recovery of Critical Fusion Frequency Decreased by VDT Work

                  Takashi AOKI, Yoshinori ADACHI and Katsushi YOSHIDA

P. 444
Study on Sensor Pressure Dependence of Pulse Waves       
                  Yoshinori ADACHI and Takashi AOKI

P. 449
Immune Responses During Zhang Method Qigong

                  Yuzo HIGUCHI, Yasunori KOTANI, Yoshitsugu HAYASHI and Shinichiro MOMOSE
P. 453
Measurement of Bio-magnetic Fields from Human Hands during Qi-Emission

                  Hak-Soo SHIN, Ku Youn BAIK, Byung-Doo KWON, Sang Yong CHOI, Han Seo KOO, Shin-Ja KO  and Kwang-Sup SOH

P. 457
The Psi Personality in Field Research        
                  Michaeleen C. MAHER

P. 462
A Christian Way of Religious Experience - From My Own Experience      
                  Mineo MORITANI

P. 464
The Research on Practice of Public Relations -Development of Psi Training for a Group of People-  
                   Yukiko ISHII

P. 466
A Study of Prayer for Cancer Patients and Families         
                   Hitomi KITANI

P. 467
How Does Yoga Affect the Brain?

                   Masatoshi ITO, Laxmi Narayan SINGH, Keiichiro YAMAGUCHI, Masayasu MIYAKE and Myeong Gi JEONG

P. 471
Observation of Cerebral Activation by Meridian Point Stimulus - Using functional-MRI -              
                   Yoshihiro UEDA, Kouei HAYASHI, Kyoichi KUROIWA, Yoshio MACHI and Hiroki TANABE

P. 473
Measurements of Distant Healing Effects      
                   Mami KIDO

P. 480
Characteristics of EEG during Various Meditations

                   Kimiko KAWANO, Mikio YAMAMOTO, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Weizhong CHEN and Tong ZHANG

P. 491
Brain Activity during Qigong Meditation: Comparison of EEG and Optical Topography Results

                   Tong ZHANG, Weizhong CHEN, Hideo YOICHI, Suzue HARAGUCHI, Kimiko KAWANO, Hideyuki KOKUBO and Mikio YAMAMOTO

P. 512
Religiosity and Anomalous Experiences among College Students  
                   Carl BECKER

P. 532
A Review of Qigong Therapy for Cancer Treatment        
                   Kevin CHEN and Raphael YEUNG

P. 543
Superfluid Vacuum as a Basis for Explanation of Some Phenomena of Parapsychology

                   Liudmila B. BOLDYREVA and Nina B. SOTINA

P. 549
Solid Evidence of Psychic Power: Materiality of Consciousness (Sixteen Years Research on Psi Phenomena)

                   Jinchuan SHEN and Chulin SUN

P. 555
< Invited Special Presentation >
  A Review on Experimental Research of External-Qi of Qigong
                   Tianjun LIU

P. 559
Endocrine and Immune Effects of ChunDoSunBup Qi-training

                   Myeong Soo LEE, Seong Min JEONG, Hoon RYU and Sun-Rock MOON

P. 563
The Effect of the Qigong Exercise Suwaishou from the Viewpoint of the Sway of the Center of Gravity

                   Katsushi YOSHIDA, Yasuo YOSHIHUKU, Takashi AOKI and Yoshinori ADACHI

P. 570
Measurement of Abdominal Respiration Patterns with Indexes and the Pulse Delay Time of Physiological Results in Regimen Qigong

                  Chao LIU and Yoshio MACHI

P. 578
The Effects of Various Kinds of Yoga Exercises on Grip Strength of Experienced and Inexpereinced People

                   Yasuo YOSHIHUKU and Katsushi YOSHIDA

P. 585
Altered Responses of Saliva Cortisol and Mood Status by Long-period Special Yoga Exercise Mixed with Meditation and Guided Imagery

                   Eri WATANABE, Sanae FUKUDA, Hisako HARA and Taro SHIRAKAWA

P. 590
The Effect of Olfactory Stimulus by Odor on Relaxation  - A Psychophysiological Study -

                   Jae-do HAN and Akihiko UCHIYAMA

P. 594
Effects of Various Health Practices on Quality of Life: Estimation of a Health Promotion Program at Ohito Zuisenkyo

                    Tomoaki KIMURA, Yoichi OGUSHI, Tetsuya SAKUMA, Yoshimi SUZUKAMO and Shunichi FUKUHARA

P. 598
Effects of Various Stimuli on the Elderly with Dementia

                    Keiko TATSUMI, Yoshinori ADACHI and Manabu ASHIKAGA

P. 603
Measurement of Mental and Physical Conditions by Using the Change of Permittivity on Palms

                    Kazuhide UESUGI, Shoji SUZUKI, Yoshinori ADACHI, Yayoi NAKABAYASHI and Kazuhiro OOMAGARI

P. 606
Comparison of the Physiology between Qigong and Relaxation States

                    Junichirou KOTAKE, Weizhong CHEN, Dmitri PARKHOMTCHOUK and Suzue HARAGUCHI

P. 610
Effects of Al-Pd-Mn Icosahedral Quasicrystals on Electroencephalogram

                    Takeo OKU, Yoshihiko YOKOYAMA and Takao OKU

P. 616
Effects of Imagery on an Electroencephalogram and Pulse Waves

                    Takeo OKU, Eri WATANABE, Sanae FUKUDA and Taro SHIRAKAWA

P. 622
Using Electrodermal Activity for Analysis of the Effect of Different Sense Stimulations on Humans

                     Kiyoko SHIRAI, Yoshitake YAMAMOTO, Takao NAKAMURA, Toshimasa KUSUHARA and Hiroyuki OKUDA

P. 627
Neural activity correlated with intra- or cross- model cued illusory line motion: an fMRI study

                     Hiroki C. TANABE and Toshio YANAGIDA

P. 631
Brain Imaging of Respiratory Overloads

                     Targino Rodrigues dos Santos, Yoshihiro KIKUCHI, Wataru HIDA, Jun HATAZAWA, Mehedi MASUD,
                                                                                                                        Keiichiro YAMAGUCHI and Masatoshi ITOH

P. 633
Acupuncture and Swallowing Reflex in Post-stroke Patients

                     Takashi SEKI, Masayuki KURUSU, Haruko TANJI, Hiroyuki ARAI and Hidetada SASAKI

P. 637
Brain Blood Volume Change Under an ESP Task Measured by Optical Topography

                     Hideo YOICHI, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Weizhong CHEN, Tong ZHANG, Suzue HARAGUCHI, Kimiko KAWANO and Mikio YAMAMOTO

P. 642
Effects of Meridian Point Stimulation on an Electroencephalogram by Light Emitting Diodes

                     Takeo OKU and Hiroo INDOU

P. 648
Brain Wave Coherence Function in Remote Action Experiments  - Rank Sum Test vs. Welch's Test -

                     Tomoko KOKADO, Nobuo FUKUDA, Kimiko KAWANO and Mikio YAMAMOTO

P. 654
Influence on Brain Waves of Appreciating a Picture                                     
                     Mie CROSS and Hiromi SHIBUYA

P. 658
Inner Expression By Drawing   
                     Mie CROSS and Hiromi SHIBUYA

P. 662
Change in the Intellectual and Physiological Functions of 1550 Persons Who Learned Kurita's Speed Reading System for Ten Days    
                     Masahiro KURITA

P. 668
Report on Changes in Brain Waves of the Frontal lobe and in Ryodouraku Measurement Data Caused by Healing with Energy-irradiated Waters, Rock Crystal, etc.     
                     Shinji NISHIMOTO

P. 675
Case Report on Anomalous Electro-Magnetic Signals

                      Hideyuki KOKUBO, Suzue HARAGUCHI, Masahide FURUKAWA and Mikio YAMAMOTO

P. 679
< Invited Special Lecture >
  Niwa Treatment for 20 Years
1) Secret key to develop biological medicines with effectiveness from natural plants and seeds
2) Introduction of several biological medicines with clinical effectiveness
3) Topical immunosuppressive agent ("T" ointment) used for the treatment of atopic dermatitis under the
rubric of "steroid free treatment" shows potential carcinogenesis

                       Yukie NIWA

P. 690
< Invited Special Presentation >
  Exploratory Study of Relationships between Physical Entropy and Global Human Attention
                       Dean RADIN

P. 694
The Development of a Bio-sensor for the State of Consciousness in a Human Intentional Healing Ritual

                       Eduard P.A. VAN WIJK and Roeland VAN WIJK

P. 703
Temperature and Biophoton Changes of the Middle Finger during Qigong and Light Imagery Tasks

                       Weizhong CHEN, Tong ZHANG, Junichirou KOTAKE, Hideo YOICHI, Suzue HARAGUCHI,
                                                                       Hideyuki KOKUBO, Kimiko KAWANO and Mikio YAMAMOTO

[ Original Research Paper ] Peer Reviewed

P. 712
Inner Quality: Influence and Assessment in the Case of Selected Ornamental Plants           
                      Jurgen MATSCHKE, Fritz-Albert POPP and Markus RICHTER

P. 721
EEG Changes Induced by Odor Effects after Stress of Long Monotonous Work; Application of Nonlinear Analysis Based on Chaos Dynamics
                        Kenji TAKEZAWA, Mahito KIMURA, Takao MORI and Shunkichi ENDO

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