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Vol.19, No.1, March 2001
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Report on the Tenth Symposium on Life Information Science
Yoshio MACHI

Page 5
Founding Prospectus of the Society

Page 6
Advisors and Support Members of the Society

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Officers and Trustees of the Society

Page 12
21st Century has Come
ISLIS Vice President, Editor, Masatoshi ITOH

Profile of ISLIS Officers

Dick J. BIERMAN(P.14)
Mami KIDO(P.15)
Director, ISLIS Tokai Branch
Takashi AOKI(P.16)
Yoshinori ADACHII(P.17)
Carl BECKER(P.18)
Ryoichi OBITSU(P.19)

The Eleventh Symposium on Life Information Science

March 23-24, 2001, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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[Proceedings] Without Peer Review

Page 28
Report on The Trans-disciplinary Forum "Science and Technology Involved in Mind and Spirit"
Page 30
A Study on the Relationship between alpha-waves and Business Performance (Part III)
-Analyses of changes of AMI values before and after alpha-wave training-
Akiyoshi OSHIMA
Page 38
Measurement of Relaxing Effects from a Visit to the Beach
Takayuki MIYAMOTO, Minoru SHIGEEDA, Shigeru SUGIYAMA, Akiyoshi OSHIMA and Miyoko TOGASHI
Page 47
Change in Intellectual and Physiological Functions of 832 Persons Who Learned Kurita's Speed Reading system for Two Days
Masahiro KURITA
Page 61
Effect of Light Exercise on the Elderly with Dementia
Keiko TATSUMI, Yoshinori ADACHI, Manabu ASHIKAGA, Yoshitake YOKOTA and Kazuko HARIMOTO
Page 69
Physiology Effects When Wearing AP Fiber Cloth Containing Special Tourmaline Crystal Powder
Yoshio MACHI
Page 75
2D Cooled CCD Imaging of Delayed Luminescence
Page 78
Quantitative Evaluations of Health Promotion Methods Using Peripheral Blood Flow(2)
Shigenori SHIROUZU, Eiko SHIROUZU, Catherine W.MURPHY, Hisanobu SUGANO and Yasunobu NOTO
Page 84
Change of Blood Oxygen Concentration, Electric Impedance of Skin and Pulse Wave Fractal Dimension by Different Kinds of Breathing
Yoshinori ADACHI and Takashi AOKI
Page 90
The Physiological Effect of Controlled Respiration and the Meaning of Respiration Method in Qigong Therapy
Chao LIU and Yoshio MACHI
Page 100
The Physiological Study of Ki in Ki Aikido (1)
Yoshio MACHI, Chao LIU, Koichi TOHEI, Toshiaki ISHIZAKI, Tsutomu HAMAOKA and Setsuko KODATO
Page 107
Experiment on the Influence of Magnetic Fields on Ice Crystals
Mignon PARK, Chang-Hoon LEE, Sangun PARK, Sungphil KWON and Woncheol CHOI
Page 117
Biological Function in Terms of the Therapeutic Effect of Microwave Resonance Therapy
Satoshi AYUZAWA, Hideyuki SAITO, Heiichi YANO, Takao ENOMOTO and Tadao NOSE
Page 126
An Experiment on Cerebral Activity during Visual Imagery (II)
Tong ZHANG, Hideaki SAKAIDA, Kimiko KAWANO, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Liqun WANG, Mikio YAMAMOTO and Yoshio MACHI
Page 134
Are "Meridian Points" and "Meridians and Collaterals" Memorized in the Brain?
Yoshihiro UEDA, Kyoichi KUROIWA, Hideyuki ZENJYU, Tayo KATANO, Hitoshi KASHIBA, Toshio YANAGIDA, Yuri KITAMURA, Yoshitetsu OSHIRO, Yasuhiro TOKIMOTO and Yoshio MACHI
Page 141
[Special Lecture 1]
Psychoneuroimmunology: A Dialogue between the Brain and Immune System
Shigenobu KANBA
Page 146
Report of European Activities - Institutes Related to Human Potential in the UK, Netherlands and Germany and the Fifth European Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration-
Mikio YAMAMOTO, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Kimiko KAWANO and Mami KIDO
Page 152
Mesurements of Hand Temperature and Physiology during Qi-Emission Imaging
Masataka TANAKA, Hirotaka NAKAMURA, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Weizhong CHEN, Tong ZHANG, Takao SOMA and Mikio YAMAMOTO
Page 159
Skin Surface Temperature Changes of the Human Hand by Concentration
Hirotaka NAKAMURA, Suzue HARAGUCHI, Weizhong CHEN, Masataka TANAKA, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Tong ZHANG, Tomoko KOKADO, Kimiko KAWANO, Takao SOMA and Mikio YAMAMOTO
Page 164
Effects of EQR Irradiation on Forced Swimming in Mice
Katsushi YOSHIDA, Takashi AOKI, Yoshinori ADACHI and Yasuo YOSHIFUKU
Page 175
[Special Lecture 2]
Welcome to the New Century for Life information
Yoichiro SAKO
Mini Symposium [Science of External Qigong]
Page 177
External Qigong
Yoshio MACHI
Page 178
Is there Anything in External Qigong Other Than Placebo Effects?
Page 179
Skin Temperature Changes of Receiver's Hand in Remote Action Experiment
Weizhong CHEN, Hideyuki KOKUBO, Hirotaka NAKAMURA, Msataka TANAKA, Suzue HARAGUCHI, Tong ZHANG, Tomoko KOKADO, Mikio YAMAMOTO, Kimiko KAWANO and Takao SOMA
Page 187
Quantitative Analysis of Physiological Reactions to Receivers by Wai Qi
Zaiwen SHEN, Tomoko ITOH and Masami ASAYAMA
Page 200
Measurements of Biophysical and Mental Effects due to Remote Qi Healing
Mami KIDO and Tadashi SATO
Page 210
EEG Changes of Qigong Masters and Their Receivers in Remote Qi Emission
Kimiko KAWANO, Yuzo HIGUCHI and Yasunori KOTANI
Page 216
Endoctrine Responses during Remote Qi Emission
Yuzo HIGUCHI, Kimiko KAWANO, Yasunori KOTANI, Yoshitsugu HAYASHI, Hironobu HIGUCHI, Tadashi SATO and Shinichiro MOMOSE


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The Charter of the Society

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Regulations and Rules

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Membership Requirements

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Membership Application

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List of Received Publications

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Contribution Regulations

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