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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.5)

A Characteristic Curve of Field Consciousness
Hideyuki KOKUBO
Institute of Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute
Through 3-year RNG measurements of field consciousness as background noise, the author confirmed that there were small differences of field consciousness among days of the week. Moreover, by analysis using the Shimizu-Ishikawa model which can categorize emotions of field consciousness, a positive correlation (r = 0.97, p < 0.001) among days of the week was found. This correlation was considered to be a characteristic curve of the measured field consciousness.
field RNG, field consciousness, emotion, Shimizu-Ishikawa model, characteristic curve

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A Preliminary Study on the Level of Heart Coherence Achieved by Various Relaxation and Therapeutic Techniques
 Masayuki OHKADO
Chubu University 
Researchers have been showing that achieving and maintaining the state of heart coherence has emotionally and cognitively beneficial effects. In this pilot study the author used the Inner Balance Transformation system, an easy-to-use tool for collecting heart rate variability data created by the Institute of HeartMath, and assessed the level of heart coherence as he practiced various relaxation or therapeutic techniques such as practicing Vipassana meditation, Sun meditation, or the Quick Coherence Technique, and listening to Hemi-Sync CDs, Seeking Heave CDs, healing music, and other music. It is shown that the level of coherence achieved by these practices varies greatly, but appears to correlate with the subjective depth of relaxation the author felt at the time of the practices.
heart coherence, heart rate variability, the Inner Balance Transformation system, relaxation, meditation

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.21)
Establishing “Thanatology Humanities”   Identity

Toho University
Thanatology, after having introduced in Japan, has been developing mainly as clinical thanatology, that is, a technique for supporting dying “others”. The problem of one’s own death seems to be left behind. At the beginning of this century, I have started an academic meeting entitled “the meeting for thanatology humanities”, to develop studies about the first-person death, based on humanities (philosophy, logic, phenomenology, religious studies, etc.). There are two main methodological principles in this new type of thanatology. First, epistemological strict distinction between the death of others and one’s own death. Second, developing methodologies for investigating “my own death as an unexperienciable realm, or a metaphysical realm. I expect that contemporary metaphysical trend in analytic philosophy and phenomenology may be useful, as well as Buddhist logic and other legacies of traditional wisdoms. I have a plan to publish a collection of papers, which I will introduce in this presentation.
thanatology, humanities, death of others vs. one’s own death, epistemological distinction, metaphysical methodology


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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.23)
Autonomic Nervous System Function and EEGs on Children with Developmental Disorders

Kimiko KAWANO1 and Fujiko KONJIKI2
1 Institute for Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute
2  Master's Program in Clinical Psychology, Dept. of Humanities and Life Sciences, Graduate School of Tokyo Kasei University  
In the August 2016 ISLIS symposium, Kawano discussed the function of the autonomic nervous system developed as a regulating mechanism of life activities by introducing some data of children with developmental disorders. In this report, those data were compared with data of children of normal development and furthermore their EEGs were analyzed. Subjects were 8 children with normal development (N) (average age ± SD; 13.4 ± 2.8y), 11 children with Asperger type disorders (ASD) (13.2 ± 2.9y) and 6 children with attention deficit disorders (ADD) (12.2 ± 2.1y). The experiment was conducted after review by the Ethics Committee of Kasei University, and there were no conflicts of interest to disclose. According to the international 10-20 method, 12 EEG electrodes were put on each subject for EEG measurements; additionally, respiration and SpO2 electrodes were used. First, control data were measured for each subject while in a resting state, listening to music and doing an easy mental calculation. Then, measurements were taken while doing assigned tasks from among the Wechsler type intelligence examination, digit spans (forward and backward), similarities, etc., and other tasks, such as landscape montage, listening to book-reading and composition. The EEG α waves were found to be larger for subjects in the developmental disorder groups. And ratios of the effective α amplitudes on the left and right central areas (C4/C3) were larger for the developmental disorder groups than the N group, especially during the digit span task. It was considered that linguistic thinking dominated more than image thinking for the developmental disorder children. There were more correct answers of the digit span task for the N group, and between the numbers of correct answers and the ratios, C4/C3, an inverse correlation was found. By the peak-to-peak fluctuation analysis of the pulse wave, HF which is an indicator of the parasympathetic nerve system function and LF/HF which is an indicator of the sympathetic nerve system function were calculated. Averages of the heart rates were the lowest for the N group, and the highest for the ADD group. That meant the ADD children seemed to have a slightly stronger tension. However, according to the autonomic nervous system indicators, the sympathetic nervous activities of the N group children were higher while executing tasks than in the resting state, whereas the data of the ADD group children showed a somewhat mood-like fluctuation, and the data of the ASD group children showed only a small change throughout the experiment. As the disorder levels of the subjects in this experiment were extremely mild, those changes had no significant differences. Further experiments and analyses are required.
EEG, α wave, autonomic nerve, LF/HF, heart rate, developmental disorder

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.25)

How to Establish a Symbiotic Relationship between the Japanese People and Deer
Idea-Creating Lab
When About four million deer inhabit Japan, and about four hundred thousand deer are killed every year as animals destructive to agricultural and forestry activities. Almost all of the killed deer become garbage to be disposed of and they are not used as natural resources. It is necessary to look for value in eating venison, and using deerskin and deer velvet. From old times, the Japanese people have always had a loved and noble impression of deer, and they worshiped deer as a messenger and beast of the gods in some Japanese shrines. Since Japanese people have had deep and good relationships with a deer for a long time, Japanese should live together in symbiosis with deer from now on, too. In this first presentation about deer, I would like to talk about the current relationships between the Japanese people and deer, and value of using deer as natural resources. 
deer, symbiosis, natural resources, deerskin, venison


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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.26)
Comparative Analysis of Babies' Cries Before and After CGL Procedure, Using Sensitivity Technology Software

Isao YAMAMOTO1, Yasuhiro OMIYA2, Shichi TOKUNO3, Shunji MITSUYOSHI3, Kimiko NAKAGAWA1, Hiroshi OHHIRA1
Naohisa KAMAKURA1, Rie YAMAGUCHI1, Yoshihiro YAMAGUCHI1 , Iwao HASEGAWA1 and and Susumu MUKAI4
1 Division of Forensic Dentistry, Department of Disaster Relief Medicine/ Dentistry, Graduate School of Dentistry, Kanagawa Dental University
2 PST Inc.
3 Verbal Analysis of Pathophysiology, Graduate School of Medicine, The University of Tokyo
4 Mukai Clinic
Ankyloglossia with Deviation of the Epiglottis and Larynx (ADEL) is a condition in which the tongue, epiglottis and larynx are displaced upward and forward. This condition occurs independent of the existence or absence of the frenum linguae. This condition not only increases the resistance of the upper airflow, it also inhibits respiration. The Correction of the glosso-larynx (CGL) procedure cuts several bundles of genioglossas muscle from the underside of the tongue. As a result of the procedure, the tongue, epiglottis and larynx move backward and downward. In addition, the epiglottis and larynx stand up straight with the epipharynx, or post-nasal cavity, lined up in the sagittal image. Symptoms observed in babies – such as crying hard, crying at night, bending backwards, and always wanting to be in someone’s arms – are no longer observed after the CGL procedure. The parents of previously afflicted babies were very pleased with the improvements, and noted a decrease in care required, following the CGL procedure. In this congress we report the result of computer voice analysis of the sound of babies' cries. Sensibility Technology (ST) was utilized to compare the sounds before and after the GCL procedure. The software detected a change in the sound, recognizing the sounds before and after the procedure as different.
Ankyloglossia with Deviation of the Epiglottis and Larynx (ADEL), correction of the glosso-larynx (CGL), Sensibility Technology (ST), child abuse


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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.46)
Case Report of Integrated Medicine Approach Mainly with Depolymerized Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan and Carbohydrate Restricted Diet Resulting in Improved Anti-P53 Antibody Values

Nishimoto Clinic  
Anti-p53 antibody is considered as a tumor marker for breast cancer, colon cancer and esophageal cancer. The p53, which is a protein consists of 393 amino acids, induces cellular apoptosis and regulates DNA repair and DNA replication by interrupting the cell cycle. Two patients, in the fifth year after being diagnosed as Stage II A breast cancer and the in the ninth year after being diagnosed as Stage IV A thyroid cancer, have improved their conditions by virtue of integrative medicine approach. Here, the author reports these cases in view of the strategies employed, and gives several considerations based on the analytical observations.
Anti-p53 antibody, Apoptosis, Depolymerized low molecular weight fucoidan, Carbohydrate restricted diet, Breast cancer, Thyroid cancer


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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.27)
Report of Clinical Improvement of Serum Ketone Body, Serotonin, and Adiponectin Concentrations in Ulcerative Colitis and Pancreatic Cancer Patients through Integrative Medical Treatment with Three-day Fasting and Carbohydrate Restriction Regimens

Nishimoto Clinic  
As cancer cells have a characteristic to intake glucose at a 7 to 8 times higher rate than that of normal cells, regimens of fasting or a carbohydrate restriction diet could be expected to give an anticancer effect. Three-day integrative medical treatment programs were periodically carried out since January 2011 with the object to follow this mechanism to improve intractable diseases including cancer. As a unique feature in these programs, fucose-containing depolymerized low molecular weight fucoidan was scheduled to be ingested at the time of the lowest blood-sugar level in each program day. This fucoidan is known to increase apoptosis-inducing potential of p53. Because there seemed to be a possibility that serum ketone body, serotonin and adiponectin concentrations measured 2 days before a program initiation were indicators for intractable disease improvement, measurements of these factors were started on the second day of the three-day fasting integrative medical treatment programs beginning from January 2014. Two patients, one an ulcerative colitis patient, and the other a patient who had been diagnosed as having pancreatic cancer 5.5 years ago were subjected to three-day fasting and carbohydrate restriction diet regimens, and then their serum ketone body values, changes of serotonin, adiponectin and CA19-9 tumor marker concentrations were compared. Data indicating improvement of patient conditions will be presented and discussed.
Fasting, Carbohydrate restricted diet, Ketone body, Serotonin, Adiponectin, Ulcerative colitis, Pancreatic cancer, Depolymerized low-molecular weight fucoidan




[Lecture of Chairman of the Board of Directors]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.29)
Review of 21 and a Half Years of Progress for the International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS) and the Promotion of “Human Potential Science”

hairman of the Board of Directors& Editor-in-Chief, International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)
Chairman of the Board of Directors, International Research Institute (IRI)

C The 21 and a Half Years of Progress for the International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS) and the Promotion of “Human Potential Science” since the Society’s foundation in 1995 are reviewed here. We commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Founding the ISLIS in 2015. ISLIS has sought and continues to seek the realization of the paradigm shift from material-oriented science and technology to a new paradigm including the consciousness, spirit and mind through research based on empirical and positive scientific methodologies, and consequently, to promote the development of health, social welfare, and education as well as social and personal peace of mind, and to contribute to the making of a peaceful world, at one with nature. Since the foundation of ISLIS, 43 Life Information Science Symposia have been held and issues of the Journal of International Society of Life Information Science (Journal of ISLIS), totaling more than 6,000 pages of research papers and reports, have been published regularly twice a year. ISLIS held the “Human Potential Science International Forum” in Chiba, Japan in 2002, the “International Conference on Mind Body Science” in Seoul, Korea in 2004 and the “7th Psi Meeting” in August 2011 co-sponsored by ISLIS and the Facludades Integradas Espirita (Curitiba, Brazil). ISLIS published the book Human Potential Science in 2004. Existence of many anomalous phenomena has been proved scientifically. However, principles of all the world’s anomalous phenomena have not been clarified yet. More scientific studies about them are needed. The 43rd Symposium is being held on March 18-19, 2017 at Omori Hospital, Toho University, Japan. The 44th Symposium in summer 2017 in a camp format in Japan is in planning. ISLIS has a worldwide presence with 11 International Information Centers and about 220 members in 15 countries.
International Society of Life Information Science, ISLIS, integrative medicine, IM, healing, complementary and alternative medicine, CAM, hypnotism, parapsychology, spiritual, wonder, world view, supernatural phenomenon, power spot


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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.33)
Mind and Brain Science

 Fuminori SOGA
Director, Japan-China Science and Technology Exchange Association
How have we considered about the problem of the mind of ourselves? I will overlook this learning of various approaches toward this subject historically, such as psychology, physiology, anatomy of brain and brain deseases. Recently, along the attainment of adcanced age, the progress of research about dementia has been made rapidly. On the other hand, the brain science with neural transmission has also remarkably developped. This is the physical approach of mechanism of brain. I will speak about the present stage of this field and some impression about future prospect.
Mind, Brain science  


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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.34)
Trauma and Posttraumatic Growth after the Great East Japan Earthquake

Takehiko ITOH
Next President, International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)
Wako University
I have engaged in helping activities for trauma care and PTSD prevention after the Great East Japan Earthquake. On September 2016, our group published a book based on the experience. In this address, I would like to share my studies using text mining analysis, which show survivors and helpers' human growth after painful experience.
Posttraumatic growth, trauma, text mining, group therapy

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.35)
Report on “the Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water”

 Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Director of IHM General Institute
The 11th Annual Water Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water was held on October 6 to 9 in Sofia, Bulgaria with Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor of the University of Washington, as a chairperson. Dr. Pollack is claiming that it is necessary to grasp the 4th phase of water, which is located between solid and liquid, in addition to the 3 phases of solid, liquid and vapor, in order to understand the truth of water. And, based on the molecular structure of this 4th phase of water, which is proposed by himself, he is presenting a hypothesis on the mechanism that water has a memory. In this presentation, after explaining about the summary of the 4th phase of water, I will mention as one of the applications that we cannot understand even the circulation of blood in our body without considering this 4th phase of water. Also, I will talk about several important points from Dr. Pollack’s presentation entitled “The 4th phase of water and Weather” at the Conference. Furthermore, I will explain about some presentations at the Conference by other researchers, especially “Relationship between Water and Consciousness” presented by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, and “How to Get Energy from Water” explained to me personally by Dr. Vladimir Voeikov, in relation to the 4th phase of water.
water, memory of water, The 4th Phase of Water, blood circulation, consciousness  


(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.36)
Communication with the Dead by the Qi Energy Resonance Reaction

Medical Corporation Syunhoukai Hashimoto Internal Medicine Surgery Clinic
People often want to communicate with a loved one suddenly killed by an earthquake or other natural disaster or accident. Also, they may want to communicate with a long-dead family member. A shaman can communicate with the dead, but even an ordinary person can communicate with the dead by the Qi energy resonance reaction. The first step is to call the dead. The next step is to judge “yes” or “no” by Qi energy resonance reaction directed to the dead. People cannot communicate with the dead by language, but they can communicate by the Qi energy resonance reaction. This communication puts the living persons at ease and helps them make choices for their life. It is possible to consider that the dead are also grateful for the chance to communicate with their living loved persons. This presentation includes the following case by which communication to the dead diminished the ill feelings of a living person concerning the deceased person and the living person recovered a useful life. The workshop will give actual training to guide the living in communication with the dead. Keywords:
the dead, communication Qi energy resonance reaction.  

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.35, No.1, p.37)
Higher-self: High Level Consciousness II - Where Does the Human Soul Go? –

President of Japan Hypnotherapist Association
Representative, HPS Psychology Center
It is not easy to ascertain the existence of high-dimensional energy, that is the Higher-self, existing under the subconscious in the deep unconscious level of hypnotherapy, and it is naturally very difficult to confirm its existence physically. However, the Higher-self energy exists, without doubt, and it has a huge memory and knowledge. The time, which flows ordinary in a single direction from past to present, travels freely like a computer of consciousness from the present to the previous world or to the future, or to the post-mortem world. In the presenter’s clinic, the location of the Higher-self in each subject is confirmed. Most subjects said that they felt the energy of light around “the epigastrium”. It seems that some from of Qi energy, like physical particles, exists around the “solar plexus”. A pure light image is required to activate the extremely fine energy of the Higher-self, and then the energy can easily link to the wave energy of the "non-material soul". The presenter considers that the energy of the spiritual soul delivers a fine and great light from "another world" to "this world", opening the door which is thought to be "one way". In the presentation, messages from "another world" will be verified by testimonies of four subjects who were hypnotized when attending the presenter’s clinic.
Higher-self, previous life therapy, the other world, message from a soul.

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