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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.109)

EEG Measurements on Relaxation Caused by Essence of Colloidal Platinum for Skin Care
                         - A Discussion Using dB Analysis -     
(Received on June 2nd, 2016: Final Revised and Accepted on July 5th, 2016)  
Hideyuki KOKUBO and Kimiko KAWANO
Institute for Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute
 Through EEG measurements, the authors tried to measure relaxation effects when persons apply a cosmetic for skin care to their face. Experiments were done from July to August 2015. The experimental sample for the facial application was an essence which has a high concentration of colloidal platinum (200ppm; average diameter, 10nm), and the control sample was an essence without colloidal platinum. Participants were categorized into two groups. Group A consisted of 8 women (average age, 43.1y) who had previously used cosmetics containing platinum and Group B consisted of 8 women (average age, 40.6y) who had not used such cosmetics. The authors measured participants' EEG on a single-blind condition before and after the participants applied samples (0.45g) to their faces, and compared the averaged power of the alpha wave. Before applying the samples, a stress task was given to each participant. For application of the control sample, the EEG spectrum (alpha waves) of both Groups A and B recovered to the initial level. For application of the experimental sample, the EEG spectrum of Group B recovered to the initial level, but that of Group A increased to 0.56dB. The essence which contained colloidal platinum provided an additional relaxation effect caused by the colloidal platinum, not only the relaxation effects caused by the behavior of applying the essence and the base components of the essence. However, more studies are needed to reveal the details of relaxation mechanisms caused by the colloidal platinum. 
relaxation, EEG, alpha wave, dB analysis, colloidal platinum, skin care, essence, cosmetics

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Commemoration for the 10th Camp, the 42nd Symposium on Life Information Science,
“Healing and Wonderful Science” held by the International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS),
on August 26-29, 2016 at “Kasuga Forest”, Kasuga Hot Spring, Saku-City, Nagano, Japan Expectations for Holding Camp X
Mikio YAMAMOTO, Ph.D.,
Chairman of the Board of Directors& Editor-in-Chief, International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)
Chairman of the Board of Directors, International Research Institute (IRI)
The First Advisor, Human Science Association of the Diet Members (NS)

The International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS) is commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the camp format meetings and holding the 42nd Symposium on Life Information Science with the main theme “Healing and Wonderful Phenomena” on August 26-29, 2016 at “Kasuga Forest”, Kasuga Hot Spring, Saku-City, Nagano, Japan. Twenty-one years of activities of the ISLIS and the promotion of “Human Potential Science” are reviewed since the Society’s Foundation in 1995. ISLIS has sought and continues to seek the realization of the paradigm shift from material-oriented science and technology to a new paradigm including the consciousness, spirit and mind through research based on empirical and positive scientific methodologies, and consequently, to promote the development of health, social welfare, and education, as well as social and personal peace of mind, and to contribute to the making of a peaceful world, at one with nature. Since the foundation of ISLIS, 42 Life Information Science Symposia have been held and issues of the International Society of Life Information Science (Journal of ISLIS) have been published regularly twice a year. ISLIS held the “International Conference on Human Potential Science International Forum” in Chiba, Japan in 2002, the “International Conference on Mind Body Science” in Seoul, Korea in 2004 and the “7th Psi Meeting” in Curitiba, Brazil in August 2011 co-sponsored with the Facludades Integradas ‘Espirita’. ISLIS published the book Human Potential Science in 2004. ISLIS has a worldwide presence with 11 International Information Centers and about 230 members in 15 countries. The 43th Symposium will be held on March 18-19, 2017 at Ohmori Medical Center, Toho University, Tokyo, Japan.
International Society of Life Information Science, ISLIS, healing, wonder, world view, supernatural phenomena, spiritual, hypnotism, parapsychology, complementary and alternative medicine, CAM, integrative medicine, IM, Kasuga Hot Spring, Saku, power spot, anniversary

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.120)
Visualization Therapy Practice for Students to Find the Answers Within: Introducing Coherence Practice to College Education

Maiko OTSUKI1 and Takehiko ITO2
1Otsuki Holistic
2 Wako University 
The first author conducted a 90-minute lecture with students at a private university. The lecture entitled “Visualization Therapy Practice for Finding the Answers Within” covered the theory and practice of the coherence meditation technique developed by the HeartMath Institute in California to synchronize the heart and brain and capture insights from the subconscious mind. The present paper reports on the method and contents of the lecture and students’ response to the class. The written survey responses of 145 students were subjected to content analysis and text mining. The results demonstrated positive acceptance of the meditation technique and increased interest in the particular therapeutic approach and psychology in general among students.
Visualization therapy, Subconscious, Hypnosis, Meditation, Heart focus, Coherence

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.126)
Characteristics of Japanese Near-death Experience: Text Mining Analysis of Narratives

Fuko MIURA and Takehiko ITO
 Wako University 
Near-death experiences, which refer to the consciousness of energy isolated from the body, and experienced by people who have recovered from cardiac arrest, have not been scientifically proved. However, there are several reports about such experiences. It is assumed that certain characteristics pertain to the near-death experience, after taking into account human universality and cultural differences. The world of the near-death experience, based on narratives by people with experience thereof, is investigated in this study. Analyzed text included narratives extracted from the book “Testimonies: Near-death experience (Tachinaba, 2001).” Narratives of near-death experiences were converted into text using text mining software, Text Mining Studio. Based on the results of word frequency and correspondence analysis, the characteristics of Japanese experiences were compared with those of Western experiences. A river and flowers emerged as frequently used descriptions in the narratives of Japanese near-death experiences. Twelve of the 22 people (more than half) applied both words to their description of the near-death experience. The depiction of a river, cited by many of the Japanese study subjects, was discussed in contrast to the depiction of a tunnel and light, as portrayed in the Western near-death experience. Commonalities in the experiences of Japanese and Western people were also noted.
near-death experience, collective unconscious, cultural difference, text mining

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.133)

デジタルネイティブ世代の信頼と不思議体験 (その2)
Hideyuki KOKUBO
Information and Research Center, International Research Institute(IRI)
The present study gives the results of a questionnaire survey for Japanese university students of the Digital Native Generation on their anomalous (paranormal) experiences and trust for other persons. The survey data from 871 respondents (330 males, 541 females; including 285 respondents of the author's previous survey) were used. Respondents were divided into three groups: Group A (300 female students), women at an all-women’s university; Group B (241 female students), women at a co-educational university; and Group C (330 male students), men at the same co-educational university as Group B. Analysis showed there were differences among groups. Differences of response rates were within 10 points for anomalous experiences, while the differences were 10 or 24 points for trust for other persons. Scheffe's multiple comparison showed there was no significant difference among groups for the following questionnaire items: one item of trust, déjà vu, sleep paralysis, presentiment, signs of ghosts, 6th sense belief, and other experiences. The replies to these items were considered as relatively stable. Additionally, there were weak positive correlations and significant differences among telepathy, clairvoyance, and out-of-body experience.
Digital Native generation, paranormal experience, anomalous experiences, trust for other persons, university student

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.153)
Clinical Improvement in Cancer Patients through Integrative Medicine Mainly Low - Molecular Fucoidan

Nishimoto Clinic

Cancer therapy in integrative medicine combined with the stellate ganglion block, sugar restricted diet, Chinese herbal medicine and qigong augmented by low-molecular fucoidan supplementation gave rise to the favorably improved clinical courses. I report the results of a case of 80-year-old male patient with over 5 years of history with stage IV hepatocellular carcinoma; a case of 66-year-old female patient with stage IV lung cancer who had upper lobectomy of the right lung 4 years ago even though the following treatments with oral molecular targeted and anti-cancer drugs resulted in the level two plus-pleural effusion; a case of 60-year-old female patient with less than 5 year history bearing stage IIA breast cancer who clearly reduced the level of an apoptotic marker of anti-p53 antibody, and report the changes of autonomic nerve function adjustability, vascular age and ketone body levels through integrative medical treatment together with 3 days fasting; and a case of 73-year-old male patient with stage III recurrent pancreatic cancer was monitored for the levels of serotonin, adiponectin and ketone bogy.  Messages suggested by the clinical courses experienced in my clinic are delivered to propose in considering the present protocol as a better future alternative clinical approach.


Integrative medicine, Low-molecular fucoidan, Lung cancer, Breast cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Hepatic cancer

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.154)

Necessary Condition of an Anomalous Phenomenon Discovered by a Pyramidal Structure ath in Which Qi Flows Revealed by the Multi-Dimensional Universe Picture 
Osamu TAKAGI1, Masamichi SAKAMOTO2, Hideo YOICHI1, Hideyuki KOKUBO1,
imiko KAWANO1 and Mikio YAMAMOTO1 
1 IRI Institute of Theoretical Physics
2Aquavision Academy Co., Ltd.   

Our purpose is to study scientifically and to apply the so called pyramid effect. In 2013, we proved with very high statistical accuracy a meditator’s non-contact effect on bio-sensors (cucumber slices) placed on the pyramidal structure (PS) peak by strict experiments and an analysis method. In 2015, the non-contact effect was detected over an extended period of time (10 plus days) after the meditation. Thus we proved the existence of a new phenomenon "an anomalous non-contact effect with a delay associated with a pyramidal structure" from this result. In 2016, we identified the necessary conditions for the anomalous phenomenon discovered with a pyramidal structure. From the result of a new verification experiment in which the experimental conditions for the meditator and the PS were varied, it was verified that the non-contact effect was not detected in the meditation period regardless of the existence or non-existence of the meditator and the existence or non-existence of the PS. Furthermore, we showed that the condition in which the meditator is in the pyramidal structure during the meditation period is the only condition for the non-contact effect to be detected after the meditation period. These research results further solidified the hypothesis we proposed in 2015 about the origin of the non-contact effect associated with a pyramidal structure.

 meditator, pyramidal structure, non-contact effect, delayed effect, bio-sensor, cucumber,  gas

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.2, p.160)
Evolution of Life and the Autonomic Nervous System Function

Institute for Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute
All living things on the earth control their own lives and activities in accordance with the environment of the earth which revolves around the sun and with the sun itself. The autonomic nervous system was born and has evolved as an autonomous and integrated control mechanism in creatures. It is said that a human fetus traces the entire process of the evolution of human life in its mother’s womb. Some reports say that the autonomic nervous system balance is probably immature in preterm infants. And it can be considered that a subtle sense such as qi or extremely delicate stimulation to the skin surface by some kind of healings drives reaction of the autonomic nervous system faster than a projection to the sensory area of the brain from the somatosensory receptors. In this report, EEGs and the autonomic nervous system balance are discussed by comparing data from children with a developmental disorder to data from children of a standard development group while performing some tasks. And also the autonomic nervous activity on the skin is considered using data obtained with various taping methods. Then, the functions of the autonomic nerves in the life system are discussed with consideration of the brain as the place for the function of mental activity and the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves as the place for the mutual regulation of visceral organs.
EEG, a wave, autonomic nerve, somatosensory, LF/HF, R-R interval, developmental disorder

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