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Vol.34, No.1, March 2016


[Original Research Paper]Peer Reviewed

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.7)

Muscle Coordination Underlying the “Unbendable Arm” in Aikido
(Received on July 15th, 2015; Revised on October 27th, 2015)
Kimihito TAKASU11, Hiroyuki MIYASAKA2, Yutaka TOMITA1 and Satoshi HONDA1>
1 School of Fundamental Science and Technology, Keio University
2 Fujita Memorial Nanakuri Institute, Fujita Health University
In Aikido, the use of a body motion called the “unbendable arm” has been proposed. We studied the difference between Ki (unbendable arm performance) and the muscle force in a flexing elbow joint from an electromyography (EMG) viewpoint. From our EMG study, we found that the EMG value of the triceps brachii muscle was significantly lower in the unbending arm, and the EMG value of the deltoid muscle was significantly higher in experienced subjects. This EMG change might explain the subjects’ subjective observation that the “unbendable arm” was less difficult to resist than physical muscle force.
EMG, muscle coordination, unbendable arm, Aikido

[Lecture of the Chairman of the Board of Directors]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.3)

Review of 20 and Half Years of Progress for the International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS ) and the Promotion of “Human Potential Science”
Mikio YAMAMOTO, Ph.D.,
Chairman of the Board of Directors& Editor-in-Chief, International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)
Chairman of the Board of Directors, International Research Institute (IRI)
The First Advisor, Human Science Association of the Diet Members (NS)

The 20 and Half Years of Progress for the International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS ) and the Promotion of “Human Potential Science” are reviewed since the Society’s foundation in 1995 here. We commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the Founding the ISLIS last year 2015. ISLIS has sought and continues to seek the realization of the paradigm shift from material-oriented science and technology to a new paradigm including the consciousness, spirit and mind through research based on empirical and positive scientific methodologies, and consequently, to promote the development of health, social welfare, and education as well as social and personal peace of mind, and to contribute to the making of a peaceful world, at one with nature. Since the foundation of ISLIS, 41 Life Information Science Symposia have been held and issues of the Journal of International Society of Life Information Science (Journal of ISLIS), totaling more than 6,000 pages of research papers and reports, have been published regularly twice a year. ISLIS held the “Human Potential Science International Forum” in Chiba, Japan in 2002, the “International Conference on Mind Body Science” in Seoul, Korea in 2004 and the “7th Psi Meeting” in August 2011 co-sponsored by ISLIS and the Facludades Integradas Espirita (Curitiba, Brazil). ISLIS published the book Human Potential Science in 2004. Existence of many anomalous phenomena has been proved scientifically. However, principles of all the world’s anomalous phenomena have not been clarified yet. More scientific studies about them are needed. The 41st Symposium is being held on March 19-20, 2016 at Omori Hospital, Toho University, Japan. The 42nd Symposium is being held on August 26-29, 2016 in a camp format at “Kasuga Hot Spring”, Saku, Nagano, Japan. ISLIS has a worldwide presence with 11 International Information Centers and about 235 members in 15 countries.
International Society of Life Information Science, ISLIS, healing, wonder, world view, supernatural phenomenon, spiritual, hypnotism, parapsychology, complementary and alternative medicine, CAM, integrative medicine, IM, power spot

[Research Presentation] Without Peer Reviewed

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.15 )

Weak Periodic Effect in a Long-term Field RNG Measurement
Hideyuki KOKUBO
Information and Research Center, International Research Institute(IRI)
There are studies on synchronization of group consciousness using field random number generators (field RNGs), and many of those studies are focused on relative short-term events. In the present study, the author executed a long-term measurement by two field RNGs at his laboratory and tried to detect weak periodic effects as background noise which is expected to be generated weekly at a nearby religious facility. The measurement was done for 22 months (since the end of January, 2014 to the end of November, 2015). The result showed a weak week effect; there was a significant difference between Saturday and Monday (p = 0.029). However, the average of the magnitude of this effect was very small (Z < 0.25 per a day). Therefore it is considered that a 1000-day measurement is needed to detect this weak week effect.
meditator, non-contact effect, pyramid, bio-sensor, cucumber, gas, delayed effect, transient response phenomenon

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.25)
Gait Training System Using a Walking Treadmill and Pedal Stepping for Patients with a Left-Right Difference in Leg Strength

Kazuhide UESUGI,1, Yoshinori ADACHI2, Hirohito SHINTANI2 and Kimiyasu KIYOTA1,
1National Institute of Technology, Kumamoto College
2 Chubu University
The need for care of the elderly, is often because of fractures due to falls and leg pains due to muscle decline. As a cause of falls in the elderly, it can be considered that the difference between the left and right leg strengths is large. In this study, we propose a hybrid gait training system that alternately repeats gait training by walking on a treadmill and gait training by pedal stepping in order to reduce the imbalance between the left and right leg power. We also propose a simple method for monitoring a person's physical condition management during training.
pedaling, leg strength measurement, redox level, sense of balance

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.32)
The Assessment of Stress-Reducing Capacity Might be the Most Comprehensive Technique to Evaluate Foods and the Best Measure Yet to Create Hit Products and to Find Personalized Foods

Shuichi HASHIZUME1, Kimiko KAWANO2, Hideyuki KOKUBO2, Mikio YAMAMOTO2,
Hidetsugu KATSURAGAWA3, Akihiko KAMADA4 and Tsuneo WATANABE3
1.Idea-Creating Lab
2Institute for Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute
3 Toho University
4Iritech Co. Ltd.
For a long time historically, human beings have been selecting proper foods to maintain good health, such as foods having antioxidant or anti-obesity activities, and foods preventing lifestyle-related diseases. Almost all foods, selected up to now, have some special functional property, and are considered to be the big results of human wisdom. The question that arises is which property is the most informative and important? Are there any techniques that can be used to evaluate food comprehensively? Since the worst enemy of human beings is disease and it is said that almost all diseases are triggered by stress, lowering stress is considered to be very important to maintain good health. In addition, food has primary (nutritional), secondary (sensory), and tertiary (physiological) functions, and stress, in a broad sense, is a key concept in each of these three functions. Therefore, we focused on stress to evaluate foods comprehensively. We tested more than 200 foods and demonstrated that almost all of them had some degree of stress-reducing capacity. On the other hand, among stress-reducing properties of Tai Chi Quan exercises for health improvement, stomping on an uneven floor mat, smelling aromas, and ingesting food with a salivary chromogranin A level, ingesting food showed the strongest stress-reducing capacity. In ingesting food, there may be three effective ways to reduce stress, namely chewing, consuming the stress-reducing ingredients and enjoying the spices. Furthermore, we demonstrated that this stress-reducing capacity can be applied to business strategies, namely creating hit products in various fields and finding personalized foods.
comprehensive food-evaluating technique, stress-reducing capacity, hit products, personalized foods

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.39)
An Acoustic・ Phonetic Analysis of Lyra Voice

Masayuki OHKADO
Chubu University
YAMANAMI Gentarou, a poet and a spiritualist, claims that human voice can be divided into seven levels, that the level of voice one can produce depends on the so-called level of one’s soul measured by the openings of the chakras, and higher levels of voice have higher levels of therapeutic powers. The Lyra Nature’s Music Institute, part of the Gentarou Yamanami Cultural Foundation founded by YAMANAMI, investigates and develops how these different levels of voice can be produced, and at present, six levels are identified. The identification is made by investigators/practitioners, but so far no attempts have been made to investigate whether any acoustic-phonetic differences are observed among different levels. In this presentation I examine whether or not acoustic-phonetic analyses using Praat may identify any differences among different levels of Lyra voice.
Lyra Nature’s Music, Lyra Voice, acoustic phonetics, Praat

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.42)

Path in Which Qi Flows Revealed by the Multi-Dimensional Universe Picture
IRI Institute of Theoretical Physics
When we seek the origin of consciousness outside brain activity, based on a physical viewpoint, the multi-dimensional universe picture is found to solve many difficult and non-trivial problems. Easy application of such a picture, however, causes a kind of hierarchy problem. The parasite fermion (PF) is the material particle that resides in the extra-dimensional space, namely outside the 4-dimensional space-time in which we live. Differences in the nature of the PF, together with the mechanism that causes the difference, from that of the material particle that exists inside our universe, called the host fermion, are discussed. The PF can be invisible due to the mechanism. What would the outcome be like, if we applied this novel existence scheme of material into the mind-body problem? Problems which need to be solved when we seek the origin of consciousness outside the brain can be solved by the PF model.
Braneworld, Localization of Field, Extra-dimension, Mind-body Problem

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.46)
Difference in the Reaction to Stimuli between Chinese and Japanese: An Effect of National Identity

Yoshinori ADACHI1, Yukiko SASAYAMA2 and Kazuhide UESUGI3
1 Chubu University
2 Seinan Jo Gakuin University
3 Kumamoto National College
That the reaction to the stimulus is individual different, it had been many reports. We also thought the reaction is different depending on nationality, was to compare the response of Chinese students and Japanese students to the stimuli. As stimuli, the visual system, the auditory system, motor system, and the brain system were examined, and the results of the LF/HF value which is a stress index, and the wavelet coefficients strength diagram were analyzed. As a result, it was clearly found the differences which appear to arise from the national identity.
stimuli, stress, LF/HF, Wavelet analysis, FFT

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.53)
Effect of Thai Style Self Manipulative Exercises “Rusie Dutton” In Middle-aged and Elderly Women ~A Study of Psychological Change by Use of Two Dimensional Mood Scale~

The Open University of Japan, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Master's Program
In late years, mental disease patients of the old and middle age increase rapidly in Japan. Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare added mental disorder to Medical Care Plans of the enforcement as “5 diseases” with Cancer, Cerebral apoplexy, Acute myocardial infarction, Diabetes in 2013 and showed it about the need of measures. In Addition, The person of the old and middle age that They answered, "there is "uneasiness about health in “Study of the aspirations for health (2014)” pointed out “decline of their physical strength (50.4%)” and “stress / psychological fatigue (38.9%)” as the anxiety elements, and It is thought that demand is high in the light exercise that can reduce the stress that some people are not physical fitness can participate. Rusie Dutton is exercise method that is one of medical tradition in Kingdom of Thailand. It just can do it has the breathing method and posture (position) as method of convenient health, in late years, it is performed as an exercise program in Japan. However, the study of effect of exercise on Rusie Dutton is not found. Therefore, this study was intended to examine transient psychological effect of Rusie Dutton in middle-aged and elderly women. The subjects is the nine middle-aged and elderly women of the C City residents. In the pre-post of Rusie Dutton 90 minutes, it was measured for four items of the psychological condition of "Stability", "Vitality", "Pleasure", "Arousal", by use of TDMS (Two Dimensional Mood Scale) that can quantify psychological condition on time of the measurement by answering the question of 8 items. In a comparison of pre-post measurement, there was observed increase in "Stability", "Vitality", "Pleasure", of the psychological condition in the subjects of all. These results, Rusie Dutton in middle-aged and elderly women increased Pleasure of psychological, and the possibility that it was the light exercise to reduce stress was suggested.
Rusie Dutton, Thailand, medical tradition, breathing method, psychological effect, Two Dimensional Mood Scale, TDMS

[Research Presentation]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.61)
EEG Measurements on Relaxation Caused by Applying Essence of Colloidal Platinum

Hideyuki KOKUBO and Kimiko KAWANO
Institute of Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute
Through EEG measurements, the authors tried to measure relaxation effects when a person applies an essence to her face. Experiments were done from July to August 2015. The experimental sample for the facial application was an essence which has a high concentration of colloidal platinum (200ppm; average diameter, 10nm), and the control sample was an essence without colloidal platinum. Participants were categorized into two groups A and B. Group A consisted of 8 females (average age, 43.1y) who had previously used cosmetics containing platinum and Group B consisted of 8 females (average age, 40.6y) who had not used cosmetics containing platinum. The authors measured participants’ EEG on a single-blind condition before and after the participants applied samples (0.45g) to their faces, and compared the averaged power of the alpha wave. In Group A, 17 minutes after applying the sample to their face, their EEG power increased 0.56dB compared to the before value for the experimental sample, but it did not increase (-0.10dB) for the control sample. In Group B, no increase of EEG power was observed between before and after measurements. However, a few participants of Group B showed an obvious difference of EEG power between experimental and control samples, and they were considered to have realized the difference of the samples.
relaxation, EEG, alpha wave, colloidal platinum, essence, cosmetics

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(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.62)

Why are Beautiful Landscapes Beautiful? : Evolutionary Approach and Phenomenological Approach to the Environmental Psychology
Emeritus professor at Toho University, Japan
I try to clarify the significance of two approaches, evolutionary and phenomenological, to the psychology of landscape. First, they are significant for environmental science itself, because our environment is neither a physical nor a geometrical space-time, but a phenomenon which appears for us, and also because our environment as a phenomenon has already been value-laden in the evolutionary course of our humankinds. Second, main evolutionary-oriented psychological theories, such as Appleton’s “prospect-refuge theory” and “matrix of preference” of Kaplans, are meaningful and productive hypotheses in the domain of esthetics of not only natural landscape but also urban one. Third, especially in the study of historical urban landscapes, phenomenology, with the concept of intentionality, is a suggestive approach which is complementary to evolutionary one. The relationship between these two approaches was discussed lastly.
environmental science, Appleton’s “prospect-refuge theory”, “matrix of preference” in landscapes, urban landscape, intentionality

[Research Report]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.63)

Clinical Improvement in Cancer Patients through Alternative Medicine, Mainly Low- Molecular Fucoidan
Nishimoto Clinic
Continuing from our previous report, we present several cases representing improved clinical outcomes through combining low-molecular weight fucoidan with stellate-ganglion block, a restricted carbohydrate diet, herbal medicine, and qigong as an integrated medical approach against cancers. The following cases are presented: a case of prostate cancer lasting over 5 years in a 74 year-old male; a case of stage IV hepatic cancer in a 80 year-old male; a case of stage IVA thyroid cancer in a 55 year-old woman; a case of stage IIA breast cancer lasting less than 5 year in a 60 year-old woman with evidentiary reduced levels of apoptosis indicator, anti-p53 antibody; a case of recurrent stage III pancreatic cancer in a 73 year-old male; a case of stage III colorectal cancer in a 26 year-old male; and a case of stage IV colorectal cancer accompanied by liver metastasis in a 60 year-old male. Although the last patient died, all other cases are making satisfactory progress. Based on the good progressions observed in our clinic, we deliver the message that suggests a promising direction in practicing integrated medicine by combining low-molecular weight fucoidan with other therapeutic regimens.
Alternative medicine, low-molecular Fucoidan, Thyroid cancer, Prostate cancer ,Breast cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Hepatic cancer

[Research Presentation & Workshop]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.64)

The Range of Cleansing Spirits of the Dead and Prevention of Recurrence of Psychic Attacks
Medical corporation Syunhoukai Hashimoto Internal Medicine Surgery Clinic
At the 39th Symposium on Life Information Science in March 2015, the author reported Qi energy healing can cleanse spirits of the dead. In the present Symposium, he reports on the range and prevention of recurrence. It is often the case that within a few days after cleansing spirits of the dead there is a recurrence of the psychic attack. This is because other psychic spirits from the houses and workplaces of the dead persons haunt these places and attack other persons. The author explains a case in which a recurrence occurred one week after cleansing the spirits of a woman’s deceased husband and their house completely. The estate appraiser for the deceased man treated the troubled estates and had a psychic attack at work. He recovered by using some defense. The author shows other cases of quick recurrence after cleansing and describes how to keeping the cleansed state for a longer time.
A recurrence occured after one week of cleaning spirits and houses completly. Her hasband estate appraiser treats the troubled estates and had psychic attack at work. He recovered by using the defence. I will show the cases of quick recurrence after cleaning and how to keeping the cleaning state longer.
spirits of the dead, psychic or spiritual attacks, prevention of recurrence


(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.65)
“Afterlife” Exercise for Leading a Better Life

Masayuki OHKADO1, Maiko OTSUKI2, and Tomoko TANIGUCHI33
1.Chubu University 2 Otsuki Holistic
3Aichi Prefectural University
According to some near-death experiencers, children claiming to have intermission memories, and “discarnate spirits” communicating through mediums, we set our goals in life before we are born and review our life after we die. At the present stage we cannot scientifically assess the reality of this view on life. Yet, as illustrated by a number of examples, just getting acquainted with this view, let alone feeling its reality through direct experiences, tends to have very positive effects on our way of life. In this workshop, we first present some real examples (near-death experiences, intermission memories, etc.) appearing to endorse this view, and then, guide you to “recall your goals in the intermission state” and also “review your present life after death” in a simulated manner with hope that you will be inspired from the experiences. Keywords:
“Afterlife” Exercise, life’s mission, life-between-life, afterlife, life review

[Mini Symposium]Cosmology Through Philosophical and Scientific Considerations, and Mystical Experiences

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.66)
The World View Espoused by Dr. FUKURAI Tomokichi Through His Parapsychological Studies and Mystical Experiences

Masayuki OHKADO
Chubu University
Dr. FUKURAI Tomokichi, one of the pioneers in the field of parapsychology in Japan, and the discoverer of nengraphy (thoughtgraphy), from the knowledge obtained in his parapsychological investigation and from his mystical experiences, came to have a world view similar to the one shared among Buddhists: What we call “self” is divided into “shikisei,” the cognizing self, which acts as the cognizing agent, and “meiga,” the living self, which is the agent making the physical body continue to function. The former is boundless and, once released from the physical captivity, its recognition range becomes limitless and it is united with the whole universe. However, he argues that to cognize the cognizing self, the act of introspection or philosophical speculation based on what we experience while we are imprisoned in our physical body is insufficient, and that the complete release from the living self is important. In this presentation, I will examine his world view in detail, comparing it with the filter theory of the brain advocated by Henri-Louis Bergson, William James, Charlie Broad, and Aldous Huxley.
FUKURAI Tomokichi, world view, cognizing self, living self, filter theory of the brain

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.66)
The Mechanism of Reincarnation Unveiled by Past-Life Regression Therapy

Otsuki Holistic
Clinical therapy practice has shown that the more past-life therapy we experience, the more clearly disclosed is the way we reincarnate, and that a deeper understanding of this enables and empowers us to live in a better way. I, as a therapist who has regressed and healed more than 4,000 clients over the past 17 years, will discuss and give an assumption on how past lives and the present life relate, and how we reincarnate through “Mid-life”, to be more specific, the process between the death of the previous life and the birth of the next life.
past-life regression therapy, past-life, mid-life, reincarnation, soul memory
(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.68)

The Universe According to David Bohm and the Universe

According to Norinaga, Moribe, and Atsutane Faculty of Humanities, Chubu University
MOTOORI Norinaga considered that events happening in this world are created by puppets, which are controlled by a puppet master. Apparently, this world view is similar to the one adovocated by David Bohm, who regarded time and space as a projection from a totally independent level, the implicate order. In this presentation, I will compare David Bohm’s cosmology with that of MOTORORI Norinaga, TACHIBANA Moribe, and HIRATA Atsutane, and consider their views of the universe, life and death.
cosmology, David Bohm, MOTOORI Norinaga, TACHIBANA Moribe, HIRATA Atsutane

[Lecture of the President]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.69 )

Wonder of the 2,500-mile Migration of Chestnut Tiger Butterflies
- Synchronicity, Precognition, and Use of Fluctuations -
Masahiro KURITA
Gumma Paz College
The ability development method SRS (Super-Reading System) is a system of mental and physical ability development that the author proposed in 1987. It consists of three levels having 180 steps. The first level consists of "super-reading" and users follow 30 steps in training themselves to do speed-reading. The second level consists of "subconsciousness reconstruction" and users follow 50 steps to rebuild their subconsciousness domain. The third level consists of "superconsciousness realization" and users follow 100 steps to perform practical training aimed at sending their days at a higher level of consciousness. The SRS consists of eight sub-methods called speed-reading, image, memory, meditation, speed-writing, mind and body, health, and education sub-methods. At the first level, mind and body are activated generally by training to accelerate intellectual function. The mean reading speed becomes more than 10 times the speed before the training. At the second level, the contents of a wider, deeper and higher range are learned sequentially, and special training is carried out. At the third level, the content for more than 200 domains is learned and practiced. Some results of training have been reported at 16 past ISLIS symposia. Speed-reading is the most important sub-method of the SRS and it finally aims at "reading like a butterfly flies" with three-dimensional space consciousness. The phenomenon of resonance plays an important role in reading like a butterfly flies. Therefore I have published a series of papers on intellectual resonance. The butterfly mentioned above suggests both a "mind function" and a "function of a real butterfly". I began to examine the ability of a specific butterfly, the chestnut tiger butterfly (Parantica sita niphonica), in 2003. These butterflies are known to migrate more than 2,000km. The main method for the study is the marking method, i.e., the method of a mark-release-recapture. It is usual in studies by the marking method that the recapture in the distant place is performed by others. However, I aimed at self-recapture of the butterflies with my label, which means that I reencounter them in a far-off place a few months later. For that purpose I visited nine places from Fukushima to Okinawa every year from summer to autumn. The total number of the butterflies which I have labelled by myself has reached 160,000. This is the maximum number in many records accomplished by other people in the past. More than 2,000 butterflies with my label were recaptured at far-off places. Every year I myself had successful self-recaptures in remote distant places more than 1,000km from the place where the butterflies were originally captured and labeled. A certain butterfly labelled by me migrated 2,513km from Fukushima to Taiwan, and that distance is the longest on record. Through all these experiences, the extraordinary ability of this butterfly appeared. I consider eight hypotheses to understand these butterflies. 1) They migrate while communicating with each other in an invisible group. 2) They understand mesoscale weather phenomena (20km to 1000km). 3) They have a map at the same mesoscale level. 4) They have some kind of GPS functions and know where they are. 5) They have a compass function and know directions. 6) They can foresee an event more than one day in advance, and occurring more than 100km away. 7) An interesting coincidence including synchronicity or phenomenon of resonance often happens between butterflies with a person. 8) They migrate using environmental fluctuation (i.e., weather changes, other natural changes and social changes) and survive well. I comment on these hypotheses in the lecture while showing concrete examples. 
ability development system, chestnut tiger butterfly, Parantica sita niphonica, mark-release-recapture, synchronicity, resonance, precognition

[Lecture of the Organizer of the Symposium]

(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.73 )

Clinical Evaluation of Serotonergic System Activation: Development of the α2 Band in EEG during Physical Practice
Hideho ARITA, Hiroyuki TAKIMOTO†
Professor Emeritus, Toho University
President, Serotonin Dojo for Serotonin Activation
†Hiro Cairo Manipulative Institute Director
We have reported that various rhythmic exercises including pedaling exercise, Tanden breathing, (Zen meditation) and gum chewing evoke an activation of the serotonergic system in the brainstem, resulting in a significant increase in the relative power of the high-frequency alpha band (10-13 Hz: α2 band) in EEG at 5 min after the onset of those rhythmic exercises, accompanied by a feeling of reduced negative mood as assessed by the Profile of Mood States (POMS) questionnaire. EEG changes were correlated with a significant increase in whole blood serotonin (5-HT) levels, indicating 5-HT system activation. Based on these previous results, we assessed the effects of physical therapy on 5-HT system activation. We found that rhythmical eyes movement and rhythmical touches with aesthetic relaxation on the face or back evoked a significant increase in theα2 band during the physical practice. Aesthetic touching is known to facilitate oxytocin (OXT) secretion in the brain and 5-HT neurons in the brainstem express oxytocin (OXT) receptors: both these changes suggest that such physical practice may cause 5-HT system activation.
Keywords: serotonin, EEG, physical therapy, oxytocin,


(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.74 )

Scientific Method of Enlightenment Which Mankind Has not been Achieved -For Acquisition of the Overhead the Point of View of Terminating Bullying-
Kazuyuki SATOH
Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University
In the consciousness studies of recent years, scientific and logical approaches on clarifying consciousness have become the object of analysis and the problems resulting from it have been systematically studied. One of the major problems scientists have faced is: How is it possible to ensure the objectivity that transcends the paradox that the object a researcher studies encompasses the researcher himself/herself? In this lecture, I will clarify the difference between the viewpoint brought about by the conventional human thought patterns and the completely new viewpoint that is based on the system: Simultaneous Existence with Dual Structure. In addition, I will introduce some examples in which the structure observed by the new viewpoint not only induces the unification of a person’s ego and the world the person sees (the extinction of hang-up with ego through the unification of subject and object), but also transforms the world the person sees. Furthermore, I will present an assumption that the unification of a person’s ego and the world the person sees represents the emergence of consciousness and that the observation as a result of understanding the structure of the emerging consciousness brings about the quantum theoretical mind-set of terminating bullying. Lastly, I will mention the possibility of social reproduction.
Terminating bullying, Quantum theoretical mind-set, Person’s ego, Observed by the new viewpoint


(J. Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci. Vol.34, No.1, p.75 )

Memory of Water
Yasuyuki NEMOTO
Director of IHM General Institute
The late Dr. Masaru Emoto developed a new method called Water Crystal Photography in 1994, which could be used to visualize the information contained in water. In 1999, he combined many experimental data during the previous 5 years and published “Messages from Water”, a collection of water crystal photographs. The main point of “Messages from Water” is that water may have a capacity to memorize information. However, in conventional science, the possibility of memory of water has not been acknowledged, and as a result, there has been criticism that “Messages from Water” is unscientific. However, during the past 10 years, some of the top scientists of the world have been giving evidence which suggests that water has memory. Dr. Gerald Pollack of the University of Washington found that a special phase exists in water, which was named “The 4th Phase of Water”, in addition to the 3 phases of solid, liquid and vapor. He is saying that it is possible to give a plausible, scientific explanation for the phenomena that are shown in “Messages from Water” by considering “The 4th Phase of Water”, and giving two reasons for this claim. First, the 4th phase is the precursor of ice - the stage just before freezing; and, second, because the 4th phase is ordered, it has the capability of storing information. In this presentation, after briefly explaining about the summary of “Messages from Water”, I will introduce the research on “The 4th Phase of Water” by Dr. Pollack and then discuss about the relationship between them.
water, Messages from Water, Water Crystal Photography, memory of water, The 4th Phase of Water

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