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[Original Paper] peer-reviewed

Physiological Measurement for Qi-gong Anesthesia

Yoshio MACHI
Dept. of Engineering, Tokyo Denki Univ.
CHU Wei Zhong
Shanghai Qi-gong Institute,
Shanghai TCM College

(Recieved on 28, 1996, Accepted on July 31, 1996)

External Qi-gong is used as a method for medical care in China. Qi-gong anesthesia is well known in China and is thought to be a type of external Qi-gong. But unfortunately, the Qi-gong anesthesia mechanism is not known outside of China. The authors had a chance to perform an experiment in Japan. This report is about physiological measurements of Qi-gong anesthesia. It is interesting what kind of physiological changes occur in a Qi-gong master and a patient in Qi-gong anesthesia and conventional external external Qi-gong. From these view points, this report shows a part of the mechanism of Qi-gong anesthesia.
Qi-gong, Anesthesia, Physiological Measurement, EEG, ECG, Alpha-wave, Heart Rate, Respiration

Studies of Healing Effects using the Kirlian Photography

Life Science Inst., MOA Health Science Foundation (Fukuoka, Japan)

(Recieved on May 24, 1996, Accepted on July 8, 1996)

Changes in the corona discharge pattern (Kirlian photography) of leaves after undergoing healing was investigated. 70 experiments including control and healing were performed using 32 healers. Changes in the discharge patterns and weight of the leaves before and after healing were measured. In spite of decrease in the weight, an inhibition of decrease in corona discharge area size was observed only in leaves after healing. The difference between the control and healing was significant (p=0.05). This fact suggests that healer has some power to activate the leaves, and that Kirlian photography is a useful tool for evaluating healing energy.
Electrography, Corona Discharge, Kirlian Effect, Healing, Leaves

[Proceedings of Second Symposium of Life Information Science]
without peer-reviewed


These abstracts of the articles in the Symposium Proceedings are preliminary reports and they are printed as provided by the authors who have full responsibility for their contents, which have not been edited by the editors of the Journal.

Physiological Effects of Electric Discharges at Very Voltages between the Head and the Arm

Kimiko KAWANO 1 and Fumio AKASAKA 2
1 Centre for Informatics and Sciences, Nippon Medical school (Tokyo, Japan)
2 Physical Philosophy Institute (Tokyo, Japan)
A series of tests were made to validate the medical effect of a comb-like therapeutical device from China. The instructions enclosed with it claim a beneficial influence on the autonomic nervous systems and the blood pressure, together with a relaxing effect.
In the tests in which the device was applied to the head of the subject, an increase in the generation of alpha brain-waves, changes in the measured values of the AMI parameters, and beneficial changes in blood pressure indications were observed for patients suffering from either high blood pressure or low blood pressure. The sealed casing of the device was opened and the mechanism inside was examined to see how this device achieves its effectt.
EEG, alpha-waves, AMI, blood pressure, relaxation

Biophysical Measurements of Zen

Mami KIDO 1 and Kohei KUSHITA 2
1 Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tohoku-gakuin University (Sendai, Japan)
2 Dept. of Radioisotopes, Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (Ibaragi, Japan)
Biophysical measurements were performed during Zen meditation. The evidence by the single square voltage pulse method suggested that parasympathetic nervous system was dominant during Zen,indicated by the decrease of After Polarization current parameter. This was eminent in the digestion organ related meridian spots.The feature of oxygen metabolism deffered according to the various methods or types of Zen meditation.
Zen, Single square voltage pulse method, near infrared photometry, autonomic nervous system, oxygen metabolism

An Experiment on Extrasensory Information Transfer with Electroencephalogram Measurement (Part II)

Masahiko HIRASAWA 1, Mikio YAMAMOTO 1, Kimiko KAWANO 2,1, Akira FURUKAWA 1 and Nakahiro YASUDA 1
1 National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Chiba, Japan)
2 Nippon Medical School (Tokyo, Japan)
A sender and a percipient were located separately in two sensory-shielded rooms, and extrasensory transfer of information was attempted while both were connected to electroencephalographs. The sender transmitted information without using the senses during a randomly selected half of a two-minute period. The percipient attempted to guess both the content and the time period. Over 20 trials, the percipient was not able to guess the correct sending time with any statistical significance. However, a statistically significant difference was observed in the alpha wave amplitude in her electroencephalogram between the sending and non-sending time zones. This suggests the existence of extrasensory information transfer in the subconscious. This extrasensory information transfer is not completed just after the reaction in the sender's brain, but is composed of two reactions. The first reaction occurs in the occipital to parietal region of the percipient and is followed by a reaction in the frontal region.
subconscious, extrasensory, information transfer, electroencephalogram, alpha wave amplitude, right frontal region

The Existence of Extraordinary Bio-perception of Color

Yoichiro SAKO, Tomoko ONO
ESPER Laboratory, Sony Corporation (Tokyo, Japan)
The authors seek to establish the existence of extraordinary bio-perception. We conduced non-visual color recognition experiments using color papers, color sponges and LEDs on psychic persons T. I. and M. A., and produced efficient and interesting results. In particular, tests using seventeen different color papers, five different colors sponges and three different monochromatic papers produced very significant data that offers proof for the existence of non-visual color recognition. We also observed the tendency of errors of color recognition. Furthermore, we found that it was more difficult for psychic person T.I. to detect differences in colors of LED than paper or sponge.
extraordinary bio-pereption, ESP, clairvoyance, non-visual recognition, color recognition

Biophysical Study on the Phenomenon of Human Extremely Strong Magnetic Field Emission from a Healer

Tatsutaka YAMAMOTO, Akira SETO, Seiki NAKAZATO and Tadasi HISAMITSU
Dept. of Physiology, School of Med., Showa Univ.(Tokyo, Japan)
Experiments to examine the existence of Qi (external Qi-gong) from a healer who has been known to emit strong magnetic field was undertaken. Firstly, We confirmed that he could emit 10mGauss (30-400Hz) magnetic field. Then, the influence to human Natural Killer (NK) cell activities by Qi emission was tested comparing to that without Qi emission. NK cell activity with Qi emission was significantly (p<0.01) increased than that without Qi emission. But no difference was seen when alternating magnetic field (20-100Gauss, 50Hz) was radiated by magnetic field emitting aparatus to NK cells. The results suggested the existence of Qi which had increasing effect on NK cell acturtus in vitro not by the effect of magnetic field.
External Qi, Magnetic field, NK cell activities, Immunity, Consiousness

Physiological Measurement of Clairvoyance and Psychic Writing

Yoshio MACHI
Tokyo Denki University
There are only a few people in the world who can perform clairvoyance and psychic writing. Physically, these phenomena cannot explained clearly. But if these phenomena are real events, it is thought that physiological changes could be detected at the performances; therefore, we tried measuring them several ways with cooperation of Miss Wang Bing. The result was that we found that her respirationplays an important roll and her autonomic nervous system is well controlled during those events and her frontal lobes work only a short period, especially in the Alpha 1 wave region. The fact should be an important key to analyze these phenomena.
Clairvoyance, Psychic Writing, EEG, ECG, Respiration, Blood Pressure, GSR

Experiments on Subconscious Information Transfer in Sleeping Infants

Keisuke KOBAYASHI and Yoshiko ITAGAKI
Psychosomatic Science Laboratory (Kobe, Japan)
In order to confirm existence of the subconscious information transfer between living organisms, peripheral blood flow, microvibration, ECG and respiration measurements were performed in sleeping infants. The infants were exposed to a kind of noncontact hand treatment in a period of about a thousand seconds during sleep. Including blank experiments and dummy load experiments, totaly 23 times of experiments have been performed in six infants whose ages are in the range of from 3 to 21 months. Clear responses, which are distinguishable from the effects of body motions, deep breathing and changes in the sleep state of the infants are observed in all of the treatment experiments. The present results evidence that this type of subconscious information transfer ability is common to the mankind.
subconscious information transfer, sleeping infant, A-B-A design, blood flow, microvibration, respiration

An Experiment on Remote Action against Man in Sensory-Shielding Condition (Part II)

Mikio YAMAMOTO 1, Masahiko HIRASAWA 1, Kimiko KAWANO 2,1, Hideyuki KOKUBO 1, Tomoko KOKADO 1, Tsuyoshi HIRATA, Nakahiro YASUDA 1, Akira FURUKAWA 1 and Nobuo FUKUDA 1
1 National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Chiba, Japan)
2 Nippon Medical School (Tokyo, Japan)
The indication that the phenomenon "tohate" performed by a qigong master is caused not only by his suggestion was reported in our first paper at the ISLIS Symposium, March 1996. The issue was re-examined in following three experiments. Experiments 1 and 2 were done under randomized and blind conditions.
Experiment 1: When a qigong master performed a remote tohate action, the master's (sender) qi-emitting motion time and his pupil's (receiver) response motion time (start of recoil) were recorded. The sender and receiver were separated in two rooms of a sensory-shielded building, with the receiver on the 1st floor and the sender on the 4th. Coincidence frequency within +/-5.5 sec was 16 (expected value is 7.88) of the 49 trials. It is statistically significant and the risk is 0.0008. This suggests that there is an unknown communication mechanism between the sender and receiver.
Experiment 2: Electroencephalograms (EEGs) of the receiver were recorded. The qi-emission was performed at a random time selected during a one minute interval by the experimenter. In 57 trials, the receiver showed a statistically significant difference between the emitting and non-emitting times in the alpha wave mean amplitudes of the EEGs for the right frontal part of the brain. This suggests that extrasensory information transfer took place and that it is related to the right frontal part of the brain.
Experiment 3: The sender and receiver were located in one room or shielded from sensory contact in two rooms, and their EEGs were simultaneously measured while tohate was performed. Analysis of the changes in multiple parameters of the EEGs from before to after tohate showed that both were more relaxed during tohate than at rest, and that suggests both had images during tohate, in addition to other information. The topographic patterns of the beta waves of the EEGs for both sender and receiver resembled each other during tohate.
qi, qigong, sense shielding, suggestion, extrasensory, remote action, electroencephalogram, EEG, alpha wave, right frontal, sense change

Analysis of Fluctuation in Human Biological System during Qi-gong Practice and Acupuncture Treatment

Yoshihiro UEDA
Dept. Physiology, Kansai College of Oriental Medicine ( Osaka , Japan )
It is a well-known fact that the phenomenon of human body is formed as the balance state with undulation. Therefore, chaos analysis was applied to these fluctuating data , and the visualization and analysis of the undulation wave were tried according to (1) a change of sphygmogram in meditation or concentration, (2) a change of sphygmogram with the acupuncture on Ho-ku stimulation and (3) a change of H-wave repetitive-evoked electro-myography (RE-EMG) under the influence of acupuncture anesthesia (A.A.). Each undulation wave was shown as an attractor. As an exponent which shows the human body state, the process was shown by Lyapunov exponent. So, it is possible to show the stage of mental psychology and the effect of acupuncture techniques (the tonification method and the sedation method, acupuncture point, stimulation method etc.).
It seems that the effect of acupuncture has an influence on the undulation of human body and acupuncture is effective for restoring the condition of human body. A.A. blocked the control from the central nerve and affected the exercise system. Meditation practise showed the similar chaos state such as Qi-gong practise , but chaos state in an imagination practise was different.
Qi-gong, acupuncture, chaos theory, repetitive evoked electro-myogram, attractor, autonomic nerve, arteriole pulse.

Report on Autonomic Nervous System Changes and Pain Reduction Evinced by Patients Administered External Ki Therapy with Alpha Wave 1/f Music

Nishimoto Pain Clinic(Wakayama,Japan)
It can be seen that the one's body reacts variously against one's consciousness by administering external Ki therapy. In terms of western medicine, the unconscious reaction represents a response to the autonomic nervous system. This report is based on the results of questionnaire surveys I conducted on patients administered external Ki therapy (Shinkiko therapy) with Alpha Wave 1/f Music; Ki-energized cassette tape called "ONKI". ONKI was developed five years ago by Dr. Masato Nakagawa who is a famous Ki therapist in Japan. The total number of patients were 466. Total responsive questionnaires came to 1634. I surveyed their body reaction after I administered external Ki therapy with Alpha Wave 1/f Music. The contents of the survey are as follows; Changing of heart beat rate, A.relaxation, B.rise in body temperature, C.physiological response (body secretions), D.involuntary body movements, changing pain conditions. As a result, I perceived that subjects who had high heart beat rates had tendency to decline and those who had low heart beat rates had tendency to rise. In regards to B. C. D., I saw distinct statical differences toward the control groups. (P<0.01) Moreover, pain was reduced by 73.6% of the data. I will report more and include a few findings from the autonomic nerve system point of view.
Alpha Wave 1/f Music, Ki, autonomic nerve, pain clinic, endorphin.

Attempts to Develop an in vitro Experimental System for Detecting the Effect of Stimulant Emission using Cultured Human Cells

Masatake YAMAUCHI 1, Toshiyuki SAITO 1, Mikio YAMAMOTO 2, Masahiko HIRASAWA 2
1 Genome Research Group, 2 Division of Radiation Research
National Institute of Radiological Sciences (Chiba, Japan)
The ability of certain individuals to cure various diseases and injuries using the effect of stimulant emission (ESE) has been argued for a long time, and the mechanism of the putative ESE is not clear. Moreover, it is widely believed that the existence of ESE itself is doubtful. However, assuming that ESE has a positive therapeutic effect, we designed simple experimental systems that may be able to detect the putative ESE by a colony-formation assay using cultured human cells exposed to chemical compounds or ionizing radiations that have a lethal effect on cell growth. We report here the results of two pilot experiments using G418 as a lethal compound and X ray as ionizing radiation. Although an enhancement of colony formation by ESE was not detected in the G418 experiment, a slight increase in the number of colonies formed was observed in the X ray irradiation experiment, possibly caused by the putative ESE.
effect of stimulant emission (ESE), cultured mammalian cells, HeLa cells, neomycin (G418) resistance, ionizing radiation, X ray, colony formation

Endocrine and Immune Response during Qigong Meditation

Yuzo HIGUCHI 1, Yasunori KOTANI 1, Hironobu HIGUCHI 2 and Yukiko MINEGISHI 3
1 Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology(Tokyo, Japan)
2 College of Tohoku Med.Tech.(Sendai, Japan)
3 Kokushikan University (Tokyo, Japan)
Endocrine and immune response of 6 qigong practitioners and 7 non-practitioners were measured before and after 30 min meditation. Plasma cortisol, adrenalin, dopamin and beta-endolphin levels decreased during meaditation, while beta-endolphin of a few qigong practitioners showed a slight increase. Natural killer cell activity showed a tendency of decrease during meditation. These results suggest that the sympathetic nerve activity decrease, the stressor are reduced, and the level of brain activity also shows a tendency of decrease by meditation. It is necessary to consider the difference of qigong meditation technique.
Qigong, Meditation, beta-endolphin, GABA, Dopamin, Adrenalin, Noradrenalin, NK cell activity

Three-Dimensional PET: An Approach in Psychology

Manabu TASHIRO 1, XIANG Xu Zhan 2, Nobuyuki OKAMURA 1, Hiroyuki ISHIZAKI 1, Hiroshi MIYAZAKI 3, Keizo ISHII 4, Masatoshi ITOH 1
1 Div. of Nuclear Medicine, Cyclotron Radioisotope Center, Tohoku Univ.(Sendai, Japan)
2 Dept. of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, School of Medicine, Tohoku Univ.(Sendai, Japan)
3 Laboratory of Neuroinfomation Science, Tohoku-Gakuin Univ. (Sendai, Japan)
4 Div. of Nuclear Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku Univ. (Sendai, Japan)
We have developed a new generation of PET, i.e., 3D-PET (the three-dimensional Positron Emission Tomography), which is characterized by " high sensitivity" and "high resolution". A major advantage is reduction of irradiation exposure to less than one tenth compared to previous one. As a result, it became possible to pick up regions of significant change in blood flow in a single subject by repeating 8 to 10 scans at different conditions. We applied this technique in a Qigong practitioner who showed marked increases in alpha and beta EEG waves and reduced delta waves in practicing Qigong. Changes in beta waves were correlated with rCBF change in the frontal and posterior lobes. 3D-PET was also applied to the subliminal perception. Activated areas such as the frontal and posterior regions, which were visualized based on the rCBF changes, had positive and negative relationship to the length of exposure time of visual stimuli, respectively.
3D-PET, Cerebral Blood Flow, EEG, Qigong, Subliminal Perception


An Experience at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

Shinjuku Ishikawa Hospital (Tokyo, Japan)
I attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH) as a student for one year. Barbara Brennan had developed the techniques of Core Energetics &/or Bioenergetics which are psychotherapies with energy works and had made her own healing techniques. Herein I present character structures, various defense systems and energy works such as Chelation, Clear cloud & Clear mucous, Spine cleaning, Brain balance etc.
healing, laying-on -of-hands healing Human Energy Field (HEF), Universal Energy field (UEF), characterology, character structures

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