International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)

Human PSI Forum
Circular Version (August 11th, 2002)

"Humaan Poetntial Science" International Forum
- Physical and Physiological Approach -
Joint with
"Mystery of Mind and Body" International Forum
The Fourteenth Symposium on Life Information Science (International Version)

22-27 August 2002
Receptin Hall NAGISA at OVTA (Overseas Vocational Training Association)
Makuhari, Chiba
(near Tokyo), Japan
Address: 1-1, HIBINO, MIHAMA-KU, CHIBA-CITY 261-0021 JAPAN

Schedule Plan

Main Place: Receptin Hall NAGISA, on the second floor of OVTA (Overseas Vocational Training Association)
Opening Cocktail: Lounge, on the fifth floor of OVTA
Party: at the Hotel Springs Makuhari

Registration Form (PDF file, MS-WORD file)

Session Morning AM PM Evening
- - Registration -
- *#Option
Tour 1 (Yamamoto Bio-Emission Laboratory, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Inage, Chiba)
Tour 2 (Japanese Culture)
Japanese traditional temple & Japanese folkrore museum
#Opening Cocktail
(at Lounge, 5th floor in OVTA)
Invited Special Lectures, Invited Special Presentations, Keynote Lectures and Panel Discussion Demonstration
(qigong etc.)
Invited Speicial Presentations
Poster Session I (Group I)
Oral Presentations, Round Table Demonstration
(qigong etc.)
Invited Special Presentations,
Oral Presentations
Invited Special Presentations,
Psoter Session II (Group II)
Special Lecture,
Oral Presentations
Closing Address
Remove Posters
(at Hotel Springs Makuhari)
Satellite Workshop
After Tours
- -

* "Mystery of Mind and Body" International Forum (August 24th) is a part of Human PSI Forum. It is for civilian who have interest in unkown abilities of human.

Registration Fees

Please registrate before the forum because the number of receivers of translation is limited.

Registration Form (PDF file, MS-WORD file)

The money once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
CoursesBasic RatesOptions (prior booking essential)
A: Full Course
(Aug. 22nd - Aug. 26th, 2002)
25,000 Japanese Yen (discount price for the application in advance: before April 30th, 2002)
28,000 Japanese Yen (after May 1st, 2002)

(Include Opening Cocktail and Journal of ISILIS, Vol.20, No.2, 2002 which publishes the proceedings of Human PSI Forum)

23rd Tour
Tour1: Free
Tour 1 & 2: 5,000 Japanese Yen
26th Party: 7,000 Japanese Yen
B: Partial Course
(Aug. 24th only)
(For Civilian)
5,000 Japanese Yen
"Mystery of Mind and Body" International Forum (Aug. 24th only)
This course is for civilian only. Researchers and speakers can not choose this course.
23rd Tour
Tour1: Free
Tour 1 & 2: 5,000 Japanese Yen
23rd Opening Cocktail: 2,000 Japanese Yen
26th Party: 7,000 Japanese Yen
Journal of ISLIS (Proceedings): 5,000 Japanese Yen
C: Student Course15,000 Japanese Yen (from Aug. 22nd - Aug. 26th, 2002)

Tour Program

Reservation was finished on August 19th.
Please see next "After Tours" Program.

Get On8:25At OVTA (Place of the forum)
Departure 8:30Bus trip from OVTA to NIRS
Visit9:00Yamamoto Bio-Emission Laboratory of National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS)
transfering11:30To Narita-san from NIRS
PM-113:30Narita-san (Japanese traditional temple): Sightseeing
transfering14:30To Boso no Mura Meseum from Narita-san
PM-115:00Boso no Mura Museum (Japanese folklore park): Sightseeing, One person can be clad in Yoroi-Kabuto (Samurai full armor), Pleasant experience of Japanese culture.
transfering16:00To OVTA from Boso no Mura Museum

After Tours (New!!)

Tour 1Depature 9:45Mihama-en Tea Ceremony (by walk): Anyone can join on the very day.
Tour 2Depature 11:35Imperial Palace Tour (by car): Reservation of this tour was finished on August 19th.

Room Charge of OVTA

Reservation of the use of the accommodation of OVTA (Overseas Vocational Training Association) was finished on August 19th. Thank you.

The money once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
Single Room1 night 5,530 Japanese Yen
(Including tax and service charge but excluding breakfast.)
Breakfast525 Japanese Yen (Including tax)
At the dining hall COSMOS on the ground floor of the OVTA.


Please reserve your rooms by yourself in case of the use of nearby hotels.
Please be careful that the hotels will become full of other travelers who sightseeing the Tokyo Disney Land & Tokyo Disney Sea.

Hotel New Otani Makuhari Makuhari Prince Hotel Hotel Green Tower Makuhari
Hotel The Manhattan Hotel Springs Makuhari
(in Japanese)
Hotel Francs
(in Japanese)


  1. Resturant in the OVTA
    Resturant KASUMI (on the second floor of the OVTA)
    Lunch11:30 - 14:00800 Yen (Chinese style rice bowl) - 1500 Yen (Sashimi lunch)
    Noodle: 500 Yen (Soba) - 800 Yen (Noodle with roasted pork fillet)
    Dinner16:00 - 21:00Dish: 800 Yen (Chinese pilaf) - 1800 Yen (Eel on rice)
    Set Meal: 1200 Yen - 1600 Yen

  2. Resturants around the OVTA
    There are many resturants, fast-food resturants and shopping centers.


Forum Map (Makuhari Area Map) (PDF file)

Makuhari City Map (OVTA is listed as No.9)
Location of Makuhari, Chiba
Train Route Map
Car Route Map

Makuhari City Guide
Japan National Tourist Organization


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