International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)

Founding Prospectus

The relegation of twentieth century science and technology as mere investigative tools to probe the isolated physical world resulted in the creation of a material-oriented paradigm (framework) devoid of consciousness, spirit and mind.

However, there seems to be an increased awareness about the possible existence of phenomena that related to the realm of consciousness, spirit and mind-phenomena that cannot be explained nor understood in the conventional, twentieth century paradigm.

The International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS), by gathering collective wisdom of the world, seeks:

We hope that all science and technology researchers and students who sincerely desire to follow the path of positive science will join the ISLIS.

Any individuals or corporations wishing to support us are welcome to become supporting members of ISLIS.

Main research fields

Publication of official academic journal

Organization of academic meetings

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Last Modified : February 23, 2004

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