Message from the President

Just before we enter the 21st century, science is really facing a big turning point. There are so many problems, such as environmental issues, health, overpopulation, foods, education, etc.---. In the discussion of these problems, we can always find a common conception, i.e. that of a total viewpoint of nature including human beings or of an angle of spirit and mind. Now is the time when we have to turn our scientific standpoint from the study of 'things' to the study of a whole nature with human beings, all living forms, and spirit.

This does not mean that we discard the great science of this century. Science has always developed extensively, involving the previous brilliant results; that means, science has been growing over the existing frame. Our Society, ISLIS, wishes to change the scientific paradigm, neither with an illogical jump by a denial of the science in the 20th century, nor with a rigid adherence to the existing frame, but with research to provide steady and reliable data on life information sciences.

After the first president, Dr. Machi, consolidated the Society's foundation, I should like to make the next step forward, in cooperation with all the members, to ensure that our Society will become a driving force for the paradigm shift in the science of the coming century.

Kimiko KAWANO, Ph.D., President of ISLIS

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Last Modified: November 9, 1999

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