International Society of Life Information Science (ISLIS)

Human PSI Forum

"Humaan Poetntial Science" International Forum- Physical and Physiological Approach -
Joint with "Mystery of Mind and Body" International Forum
and The Fourteenth Symposium on Life Information Science (International Version)
22-27 August 2002
OVTA (Overseas Vocational Training Association)
Makuhari, Chiba
(near Tokyo), Japan
Address: 1-1, HIBINO, MIHAMA-KU, CHIBA-CITY 261-0021 JAPAN
TEL: 043-276-0211 FAX: 043-276-7280

Session Program

August 19th, 2002

Details of Program

Human PSI Forum - Session, Demonstration and Speakers
Session 1Complementary, Alternative & Traditional Medicine and Human Potential - I
Session 2Complementary, Alternative & Traditional Medicine and Human Potential - II
Session 3Wonder of Mind and Body - I
Session 4Wonder of Mind and Body - II
Session 5Frontier Perspective of Human Ability
Session 6Brain Activity and Precognition / Presentiment
Session 7Poster Session - I (Group I)
Session 8Consciousness, Brain and Bio-Information System
Session 9Consciousness, Anomaly and the Universe
Session 10Prospect of Human Potential Science
Session 11External Qi (Waiqi)
Session 12Health of Mind and Body - I
Session 13Health of Mind and Body - II
Session 14Health of Mind and Body - III
Session 15Poster Session - II (Group II)
Session 16Consciousness and Entropy
Session 17Consciousness and Physics / Bio-Chemistry
Invited Special Lecture
(Video Lecture)
Mental and Spiritual Healing: A Critical Review of the Science
Dr. Wayne B. JONAS 1, M.D., Cindy CRAWFORD2, B.S. and Ronald A. CHEZ, M.D.
1 Director, 2 Research Assistant, Samueli Institute for Information Biology, USA
(1 Former Director, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) of the National Institute of Health (NIH), USA)
Invited Special LectureMind/Body Relationship in Total Healing
Sae-il CHUN
Dean, Graduate School of Complementary Alternative Medicine, Pochon CHA University, South Korea
Invited Special LectureThe Koestler Parapsychology Unit and the Study of Consciousness
Robert L. MORRIS
Professor, University of Edinburgh, UK
Invited Special LectureThe Present Conditions and the Prospects of Somatic Research in China
Lanxu XU
President, Chinese Society of Somatic Science, China
Invited Special LectureNiwa Treatment for 20 Years - 1) Secret key to develop biological medicines with effectiveness from natural plants and seed. 2) Introduction of several biological medicines with clinical effectiveness. 3) Topical immunosuppressive agent under the rubric of "steroid free" shows potential carcinogenesis
Yukie NIWA
President, Tosashimizu Hospital, Japan
Invited Special PresentationA fMRI Brain Imaging Study of Presentiment
Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Invited Special PresentationExploratory Study of Relationships between Physical Entropy and Global Human Attention
Senior Researcher, Institute of Noetic Sciences, USA
Invited Special LectureA Review on Experimental Research of External-Qi of Qigong
Tianjun LIU
Professor, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, China
Keynote LectureIntegrative Medicine - Towards to the 21st Century -
Kazuhiko ATSUMI
President, Japanese Association for Alternative, Complementary and Traditional Medicine (JACT), Japan
Keynote LectureComplementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Using Ichiro's Batting as an Analogy
Ryoichi OBITSU
President Emeritus, Obitsu Sankei Hospital, Japan
Keynote LectureAre There Any Effects Other Than Suggestion in External Qi?
Head of Special Research, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Japan
Keynote LectureKeynote Lecture New Paradigm in the 21st Century
Yoichiro SAKO
Director, International Society of Life Information Science, Japan
Keynote LecturePhysiological Analysis for Consciousness Power (Non-visible Recognition and Pill Moving through Glass Bottle without any Physical touch)
Yoshio MACHI and Chao LIU
Professor, Tokyo Denki University, Japan
Demonstration 1 (Aug. 24)Martial-arts Qigong (Chang Chia Chuan) by Mieko MATSUMOTO (Pia Chinese Qigong-chiropractic Academy)
Shintaido by Hiroyuki AOKI (Shintaido Kyokai) et al.
Demonstration 2 (Aug. 25)Fengtong WANG (Professor, Beidaihe Convalescent Hospital of Hebei Province, China)
GORAKU, qigong master
Zani DANIELE The All Japan Shaolin Temple Qigong Association et al.
Demonstration 3 (Aug. 26)Demonstration of "Ittoryu", old school of Kendo with sword, by ISHIYAMA Mutsunori, ABE Denhichi and YONEYAMA Toyohiro.
Morning Exercise
In fine weather: At the park, located in fron of OVTA.
In rainy weather: OVTA 2F Hall, in front of Reception Hall NAGISA.
Exercise 1 (Aug. 24)Qigong Practice by Ryoichi OBITSU
Exercise 2 (Aug. 25)Regimen Qigong by Chao LIU
Exercise 3 (Aug. 26)Medical Qigong by Fengtong WANG